Attached Herewith: Definition, Meaning, Alternatives

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May 8, 2023

The idiom "Attached Herewith" is a useful phrase in various contexts, particularly while transferring documents or files. It signifies that something is included or enclosed with the main information, often referring to a physical or digital version of an attachment.

In short:

  • The idiom "Attached Herewith" means including or enclosing something with the main content.

What Does "Attached Herewith" Mean?

The idiom "Attached Herewith" is predominantly utilized in formal and professional communication. It serves to draw attention to something that is being enclosed with the primary content.

Although more common in written correspondence, it can be applied to various situations:

  • Physical attachments, like documents included in a mailed letter
  • Digital attachments, like a file sent through email or uploaded on a website

Variations of the idiom exist, and these often subtly change its meaning. Alternate expressions include 'Attached Herein,' 'Attached Thereto,' and 'Attached With This.' Nonetheless, differences aside, all variations convey the idea of including something additional with the primary communication.

Where Does "Attached Herewith" Come From?

The idiom "Attached Herewith" has roots in traditional formal and legal language. "Herewith" stems from Old English, where it was derived from the words 'here' and 'with.' It became more widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as telegraphs and professional correspondence grew in importance. Today, it remains a popular term in corporate and legal communication.

Historical Examples

Discover the history of the beautiful game, together with a list of rules of football attached herewith, in our comprehensive book about the sport's origins. - An 1893 ad promoting a book on football

Kindly find attached herewith the latest sales reports from our team. Please review and let us know if you have any questions. - A snippet from an early 20th-century business letter

10 Examples of "Attached Herewith" in Sentences

Below are 10 example sentences that demonstrate the use of "Attached Herewith" in various contexts:

  • Please find attached herewith the requested documents for your review. Have a safe trip to your destination, and enjoy your time there!
  • Please see the meeting agenda attached herewith for your reference.
  • I have attached herewith the revised proposal for your review. Remember, opportunities are fleeting, so seize the day and make the most of them!
  • I have attached herewith the final report for your review, but I regret to inform you that I am also the bearer of bad news regarding the project's budget overrun.
  • To ensure proper documentation, a copy of the receipt has been attached herewith.
  • I have attached herewith a letter of recommendation from my previous manager.
  • We have received your submission and attached herewith the payment confirmation.
  • The board has reviewed your proposal, and their feedback is attached herewith.
  • I have attached herewith the report you requested. Great minds think alike, as I had already prepared it before you even asked for it.
  • For your convenience, a copy of our terms and conditions is attached herewith.

Examples of "Attached Herewith" in Pop Culture

"Attached Herewith" as a phrase isn't necessarily prevalent in pop culture, as it's a formal expression typically used in written correspondence, such as emails or letters, to indicate that a document or file is attached.

Some examples include:

  • The Social Network (2010) - In this film about the founding of Facebook, the character Mark Zuckerberg receives a cease and desist letter from the Winklevoss twins. The letter contains essential legal documents related to their claims against Zuckerberg.
  • Jerry Maguire (1996) - In this romantic drama, the titular character, a sports agent, sends a company-wide memo that ultimately costs him his job. The memo is a central plot device, symbolizing Jerry's values and beliefs.
  • The Post (2017) - This historical drama is centered on the publication of the Pentagon Papers by The Washington Post. The leaked documents, attached to a letter sent by Daniel Ellsberg, exposed the US government's secrets about the Vietnam War.
  • You've Got Mail (1998) - In this romantic comedy, the main characters, played by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, develop a relationship through email correspondence. Throughout the film, they share various attachments, including articles and pictures, which help build their connection.
  • Mr. Robot (2015-2019) - In this TV series, the protagonist, Elliot Alderson, is a hacker who frequently exchanges encrypted messages and files with other characters. The sharing of digital attachments is a key element in the story, as it drives the plot and showcases the importance of cybersecurity.

Other Ways to Say 'Attached Herewith'

Several less formal ways convey that you've attached a document or file in written correspondence.

Here are some alternative phrases you can use:

  • Please find the attachment.
  • I've attached [file/document name] for your reference.
  • Enclosed, please find the requested document(s).
  • See the attached file for your review.
  • The attachment contains [brief description of the content].
  • Attached, you will find [file/document name].
  • I have included the [file/document name] as requested.
  • Kindly refer to the attached [file/document name].
  • Please see the accompanying [file/document name].
  • [File/document name] has been attached for your convenience.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Attached Herewith"

  • What is the origin of the idiom "Attached Herewith"?
    It originated from traditional formal and legal language, with roots in Old English, where "herewith" was derived from the words 'here' and 'with.'
  • How is "Attached Herewith" used in written communication?
    In written communication, it signifies enclosures as physical or digital documents and files being sent along with the primary content.
  • Can "Attached Herewith" be used for both physical and digital attachments?
    Yes, it applies to both physical attachments, like a document included in a mailed letter, and digital attachments, like a file sent through email or uploaded on a website.
  • Is "Attached Herewith" considered formal?
    Yes, it is generally used in formal and professional communication to draw attention to enclosed documents or files.
  • What are the variations and related expressions of "Attached Herewith"?
    Some variations include 'Attached Herein,' 'Attached Thereto,' and 'Attached With This.'
  • Can I use "Attached Herewith" in an email?
    Yes, it is appropriate to use "Attached Herewith" in an email, especially for formal and professional correspondence.
  • Is "Attached Herewith" still used in modern communication?
    Yes, it remains a widely-used term in the corporate and legal world, especially in formal written communication.
  • Can "Attached Herewith" be used in a cover letter or job application?
    In a cover letter or job application, it may be used to indicate that your resume or additional documents are attached for the recipient's review.
  • Is there a less formal alternative to "Attached Herewith"?
    Less formal alternatives include "attached" or "enclosed" without the use of "herewith."
  • When should I avoid using "Attached Herewith"?
    It should be avoided in informal communication or when the context is casual, as it may come across as overly formal or outdated.

Final Thoughts About "Attached Herewith"

In conclusion, "Attached Herewith" is a useful idiom in various contexts, predominantly in professional and formal communication. Its meaning revolves around the inclusion of additional material with the primary content. Understanding its usage will enhance your communication skills, especially in corporate and legal interactions.

  • The idiom signifies the inclusion or enclosure of something additional to the main content.
  • It has its roots in traditional formal and legal language.
  • Various related expressions and variations exist, like 'Attached Herein' and 'Attached Thereto.'

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