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Welcome to our U.S. Dictionary, a comprehensive and authoritative resource for the English language as it is spoken and written in the United States.

 Our mission is to provide clear, accurate, and detailed definitions, etymologies, and usage notes for words and idioms, reflecting the rich diversity and evolving nature of American English. With a team of dedicated lexicographers, linguists, and language experts, we meticulously research and analyze language trends, ensuring our content is both current and historically grounded.

Our dictionary is built on a foundation of extensive linguistic research, rigorous editorial standards, and deep respect for the English language in all its American variations. We draw from a vast corpus of written and spoken texts, from classic literature and academic papers to contemporary media and everyday conversations. This allows us to capture the breadth and depth of American English, providing insights into not just what words mean, but how they are used, how they have changed over time, and how they reflect our culture and society.
This website is not the project of a single individual, but of countless individuals who have directly and indirectly helped provide this project with the research, analysis, writing, editing, and fact checking. A small part of our team is below.

NOTE: Due to the help of thousands of individual writers and researchers, we're only able to list a few of the bios below.

Our Team

A little more about a few of our team members

Shaun Connell

Shaun is the founder of U.S. Dictionary and has been obsessed with words, especially idioms, since he was a small child. Building his entire career around the written word, Shaun's dream of launching an actually comprehensive dictionary was finally realized in the 2020s.

Ariana Kumpf

Ariana is a research assistant at U.S. Dictionary and has spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and fact checking the content on the site, as well as sister projects like at the Writing Tips Institute.

Tiffany Homan

Tiffany is the operations manager of the U.S. Dictionary. She handles all of the other researchers, writers, and our international team of writers, editors, and fact checkers. She also has helped with sister projects related to the written word, like our writing jobs website and the Writing Tips Institute.
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