Landed On: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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September 1, 2023

"Landed on" can mean arriving at a decision, choice, or place after considering various options or after a journey. It can also mean physically landing on a surface after being airborne. With technology, "landed on" can also mean reaching a specific page on a website.

In short:

  • "Landed on" can mean deciding or choosing after considering various options.
  • It can also mean physically touching down on a surface.

What Does "Landed On" Mean?

The phrase "landed on" is quite versatile, and its meaning can vary greatly depending on the context. When used literally, "landed on" refers to the act of touching down on a surface after being in flight or motion. For example, an airplane lands on a runway, or a bird lands on a branch. However, in a more figurative sense, when you've "landed on" a decision, you've reached a conclusion after some consideration. It could also mean that your attention or focus has settled on something specific.

Let's dive into its main meanings and how people use it:

  • "Landed on" can describe a plane or bird setting down on a surface, like "The eagle landed on the branch."
  • It's also a way to say you've made a choice.
  • In the digital realm, "landed on" can describe arriving at a specific webpage or digital destination.
  • The term captures the idea of completion or conclusion in movement or decision-making.

Where Does "Landed On" Come From?

The word "land" originates from Old English "land," "lond," or "londan," signifying "ground" or "fixed property." It's related to terms in Old Norse, Old Frisian, Dutch, German, and Gothic. Historically, "land" described a specific earth's surface portion owned by an entity or representing a nation's or tribe's home. Now, "landed on" can also mean the outcome of a process, like making a choice or decision. It's like finishing a journey, whether that's a real trip or just a thought process.

Historical Example

"The Duke of Lancaster embarked at Vannes, and landed on the coast of Yorkshire "

-The Martial Magazine; And, Volunteer's Monthly Register, 1804

10 Examples of "Landed On" in Sentences

To help you understand how to use "landed on," let's look at various examples from different contexts:

  • While flipping through channels, she zapped and landed on a fascinating documentary about the ocean.
  • Before it landed on a tree, the drone gave a spectacular bird's eye view of the city.
  • He landed on this interesting article while searching for home improvement tips online.
  • The bird landed on the windowsill, catching everyone's attention in the room.
  • Ever since she landed that promotion, the tables have turned in her favor.
  • She landed on a book that she had been looking for in the library.
  • I hope all goes well now that the team has landed on a new strategy.
  • She hesitated for a moment, then landed on the decision to take the job offer in New York.
  • While exploring the forest, she landed on a patch of freshly cut wood.
  • Please bear with us while we fix the technical issues. We have landed on a solution, and we are working on it.

Examples of "Landed On" in Pop Culture

The term has also found its place in pop culture, often indicating a decision or arrival point.

Let's delve into some examples:

  • An article discussing the influence of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" on music mentions: "The Lord of the Rings landed on shelves in the mid-1950s..."
  • A quote from the movie "Apollo 13": "Houston, we've landed on the Moon."
  • The song "American Pie" by Don McLean references the moon landing: "...but one may be a literal meaning since America landed on the moon in 1969."
  • An article from Playbill discusses a favorite lyric from "Almost Famous": "One of my favorite lyrics from Almost Famous is in the song Lost In New... but ultimately I landed on this because it's such a magnetic song..."
  • A song titled "I'm on a Boat" has a related line: "The song features an aggressive delivery of the lyrics... a link to the song after the SpaceX Falcon 9 first landed 'on a boat': a floating..."
  • In board games like Monopoly, players might say they "landed on" a particular space when their game piece arrives there.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Landed On"

There are other ways to express the idea conveyed by "landed on."

Here are some alternative phrases:

  • Decided on
  • Chose
  • Settled on
  • Ended up with
  • Arrived at
  • Came to
  • Found
  • Set foot on
  • Picked
  • Stopped at

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Landed On":

  • What does "landed on" mean?

"Landed on" typically means to arrive at or come upon something, whether it's a decision, a place, or even a topic during a discussion.

  • How can I use "landed on" in a sentence?

When talking about making a decision or discovering something, you might say, "Landed on this little café in town, and little did we know, it was a hidden gem."

  • Does "landed on" have origins linked to a physical landing?

Yes, it does. The phrase evolved from the physical act of landing on something, like a bird on a branch, and then took on more metaphorical meanings, like arriving at a decision or topic.

  • Can "landed on" refer to online discoveries?

Definitely! You might say, "While browsing the web, I landed on this cool blog about urban gardening."

  • Is it similar to "ended up"?

Yes, in many contexts, "landed on" can be used similarly to "ended up." For instance, "We couldn't decide on a restaurant, but we finally landed on/ended up at the Italian place."

  • Does it always mean a final decision?

No, while it often implies a decision or conclusion, sometimes it can just indicate a point or stage in a process.

  • Can it be used in the context of surprise or unexpected findings?

Yes, it can. Like, "While cleaning the attic, I landed on my old yearbook!" which means you found it unexpectedly.

  • Is it modern slang?

No, "landed on" isn't modern slang. It's a phrase that has been in use for quite some time, evolving from its original physical connotation.

  • Can it refer to the final choices in a discussion?

Yes, for example: "After a long debate about the project's direction, the team landed on a hybrid approach."

  • How does it differ from "landed in"?

"Landed on" often refers to a decision, choice, or topic, while "landed in" usually refers to a physical location. For instance, "The bird landed on the tree branch" versus "The pilot landed in Chicago."

Final Thoughts About "Landed On"

When you hear the term "landed on," you might first think of an airplane touching down on a runway. That's one correct interpretation. But "landed on" can also describe the conclusion of a decision-making process.

Here's a quick recap:

  • "Landed on" is about reaching a particular point, decision, or topic. Whether you're discussing movies, choosing vacation spots, or finding unexpected treasures, this phrase comes in handy.
  • Though it started with physical implications, its metaphorical uses are now widespread. So next time you decide on something after much contemplation, remember, you've just "landed on" a choice!
  • Like many idioms, its beauty lies in its ability to convey a lot with just a few words. So, whether you're touching down on solid ground or making up your mind, "landed on" is a neat way to express it.

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