Have Skin in the Game: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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September 20, 2023

The expression "have skin in the game" signifies someone has a personal stake or investment in a particular outcome or situation. It's not just about monetary involvement; the phrase can also indicate a commitment of time, effort, reputation, or emotion. The idiom emphasizes that when someone is personally invested, they're more likely to be dedicated and trustworthy in that context.

In short:

"Have skin in the game" means having a personal investment or stake in something, be it money, effort, or reputation.

What Does "Have Skin in the Game" Mean?

The phrase "have skin in the game" conveys that the individual is not just a bystander but has something to gain or lose based on the results. This idiom illustrates that personal involvement often leads to greater dedication and responsibility. When someone says they "have skin in the game," they mean:

  • They've put something valuable on the line.
  • They're not just talking; they're invested in the outcome.
  • It might be money, but it could also be time, reputation, or something else important.

It's a way to show that they care deeply about the results, not just as an outsider but as someone who will feel the effects directly.

Where Does "Have Skin in the Game" Come From?

The phrase is relatively modern but has deep roots. It's often linked to the world of finance and investments, suggesting that you trust a venture more if the person advising it has their own money involved.

"If you're going to ask others to take a risk, you better have skin in the game too."

10 Examples of "Have Skin in the Game" in Sentences

Let's look at how this phrase works in different contexts:

  • After investing in the company, Jake felt he finally had skin in the game.
  • Entrepreneurs often have skin in the game, so they can't afford to shoot first, ask questions later when making decisions.
  • With skin in the game, he was determined to see the project succeed, come hell or high water.
  • Being a co-founder, I certainly have skin in the game and want to see our startup thrive.
  • Since you have skin in the game, I trust you'd cover for me if anything goes wrong.
  • She's not just a spokesperson; she has skin in the game as a major shareholder.
  • Those who have skin in the game feel the most pain when companies go out of business.
  • While I have skin in the game and want to see this succeed, don't push your luck by taking unnecessary risks.
  • They donated to the project, proving they had skin in the game.
  • You're more likely to trust someone who has skin in the game.

These examples show that the phrase can be used in various situations, not just financially.

Examples of "Have Skin in the Game" in Pop Culture

  • In the movie "Moneyball," Billy Beane has skin in the game as he stakes his reputation on a new team-building method.
  • The TV show "Shark Tank" often features entrepreneurs and investors discussing how much skin each party should have in the game.
  • In a famous interview, Warren Buffet mentioned that he always prefers to invest in ventures where the management has skin in the game.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Have Skin in the Game"

There are numerous ways to express the same idea as "have skin in the game."

Here's a list of alternatives:

  • Have a stake in something
  • Be invested
  • Put one's money where one's mouth is

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Have Skin in the Game":

  • Where did the phrase originate?

It's believed to have originated from the world of finance and investments.

  • What does it mean to have "skin in the game"?

It means having a personal stake or investment in a particular situation or outcome.

  • Is it always about money?

No, it can refer to any form of investment, be it time, effort, or reputation.

  • Can a company have "skin in the game"?

Yes, it means the company has a vested interest in the outcome.

  • Is it a modern saying?

While it has modern popularity, its roots are older, tied to investment and commitment ideas.

  • Do all cultures use this saying?

While the idea exists in many cultures, the exact phrase might differ.

  • Can it be used in casual conversation?

Definitely! It's versatile and used in both casual and formal contexts.

  • Does it imply trust?

Often, yes. If someone has "skin in the game," they're seen as more trustworthy in that context.

  • Is it only used in positive contexts?

Not necessarily. It can also be used to highlight risks or potential losses.

  • Are there any popular songs with this phrase?

While not the title of many songs, the concept has been referenced in various lyrics across genres.

Final Thoughts About "Have Skin in the Game"

"Have skin in the game" is a powerful expression highlighting commitment, investment, or personal stake in an outcome. It could refer to an entrepreneur investing money into a startup, an athlete training hard for a competition, or someone deeply involved in a project or cause.

  • It's a way to express personal investment and stake.
  • It shows that you're not just a bystander but actively involved and affected by the outcome.
  • It's a powerful idiom used in various contexts that adds depth to conversations.

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