Kick Kicks: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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June 22, 2023

"Kick Kicks" is a playful and intriguing idiom, often used to describe the act of engaging in a fun, carefree activity or approaching a task with vigor and enthusiasm.

In short:

"Kick Kicks" is an idiom used to express having fun or approaching something with energy and enthusiasm.

What Does "Kick Kicks" Mean?

The phrase "Kick Kicks" can be used in various ways, but its general meaning revolves around having fun or being involved in an exciting activity. It can also be employed to describe someone taking on a task or challenge with gusto and a positive attitude. Here's a closer look at the different definitions and related expressions.

  • Having fun, engaging in enjoyable activities: In this context, "Kick Kicks" can be used to refer to someone who is thoroughly enjoying themselves and partaking in lively interactions or pastimes.
  • Approaching a task with vigor and enthusiasm: Here, the phrase can describe a person who tackles challenges with zeal and determination, bringing energy and passion to their endeavors.
  • Related expressions: There are a few variations and phrases that share similar meanings with "Kick Kicks," such as "kicking up one's heels," "living it up," or "cutting loose."

Where Does "Kick Kicks" Come From?

The origin of the idiom "Kick Kicks" is not entirely clear, as it is not a widely documented phrase in historical records. However, it is believed to have roots in popular expressions that emphasize fun and relaxation. Although historical examples of the specific phrase "Kick Kicks" are limited, its spirit can be traced through other expressions and historical contexts that emphasize having fun, relaxation, and approaching life with enthusiasm. It is possible that the phrase could be derived from the act of literally kicking one's legs during an energetic dance, signifying a lively and spirited performance. In this context, "Kick Kicks" may represent a metaphor for indulging in a carefree, high-spirited activity or lifestyle.

Historical Example

"So Mary, after laughing aloud at the situation, literally took her feet in her hands and walked on them, holding her skirts high and kicking; and she and Marget went to the Elbow Room, and the only vacant place was at a table where there was but one other occupant."

- H. W. Maxwell, "The Ragged Edge" (1904)

"The champagne helped to smooth over the awkwardness that arose from this episode, and they kicked their heels until about two o'clock."

- Ivy Compton-Burnett, "Brothers and Sisters" (1929)

10 Examples of "Kick Kicks" in Sentences

Here are ten examples showcasing the various ways the idiom "Kick Kicks" can be used in sentences:

  • His motivational speech gave us the kick kicks we needed to push through the tough project. Much appreciated!
  • Whenever she goes on vacation, she's always up for kicking kicks and exploring new places.
  • After years of dedicated practice, his impressive performance on the stage clearly proved that kick kicks and practice makes perfect.
  • After finishing all her assignments, she was ready to kick some kicks and hang out with friends.
  • Friday nights are perfect for kicking kicks and letting go of stress from the workweek.
  • When it comes to volunteering, she really knows how to kick kicks and motivate others to contribute their best efforts.
  • As a professional soccer player, I always rely on my teammates to leave me open for a pass so that I can kick kicks and score goals.
  • Upon joining the dance class, he used his kick kicks demeanor to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • If you want to kick kicks and have a memorable night, join us at the karaoke bar this weekend.
  • During the debate, Sarah delivered some insightful points, and her closing statement of Kick Kicks left the audience impressed. John, appreciating her argument, commended her by saying, Well said!

Examples of "Kick Kicks" in Pop Culture

While specific instances of "Kick Kicks" in popular culture might be rare, the spirit of the idiom can be found in various forms of entertainment.

Here are eight examples:

  • The hit song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins captured the essence of kick kicks as people danced and enjoyed themselves in the movie of the same name.
  • In the musical "West Side Story," the lively dance numbers showcase characters kicking kicks while performing complex choreographies.
  • The TV show "Friends" often portrayed the characters kicking kicks as they navigated the ups and downs of life in New York City.
  • In the film "Dirty Dancing," the famous dance scenes epitomize the concept of kick kicks as the protagonists express themselves through passionate movement.
  • The popular song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA encourages listeners to kick kicks and enjoy the moment on the dance floor.
  • In the movie "Grease," numerous scenes depict characters kicking kicks through lively musical numbers and energetic dance routines.
  • The iconic dance scene in the film "Pulp Fiction" demonstrates the characters kicking kicks as they let loose on the dance floor.
  • The Beatles' song "Twist and Shout" captures the essence of kick kicks as it invites everyone to join in the fun and let loose.

Other Ways to Say "Kick Kicks" in Sentences

There are several alternative expressions that convey a similar meaning to "Kick Kicks" in sentences.

Some of these include:

  • She decided to cut loose at the party and dance the night away.
  • I can't wait to let my hair down after a long week of work.
  • He approached the project with a go-getter attitude, inspiring those around him.
  • Let's live it up this weekend and make some unforgettable memories.
  • She loves painting the town red whenever there's an opportunity to socialize and have fun.
  • He put all his heart and soul into his performance, captivating everyone in the audience.
  • Friday is the perfect day to kick up one's heels and unwind.
  • He jumped in with both feet and committed to making the event a success.
  • During team-building activities, she's great at stirring things up and making them fun for coworkers.
  • Life's too short to not embrace the moment and enjoy the present.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Kick Kicks":

  • Is "Kick Kicks" a commonly used expression?

While "Kick Kicks" might not be an extremely common expression, it's still a fun and playful idiom used to convey enthusiasm and vitality in various contexts.

  • What are the origins of the idiom "Kick Kicks"?

The exact origins of "Kick Kicks" are uncertain, but it may have roots in dance and movement or evolved from other English idioms and slang focused on fun and relaxation.

  • What does "Kick Kicks" mean?

"Kick Kicks" generally describes having fun or tackling tasks with enthusiasm and vigor.

  • Can "Kick Kicks" be used in a formal setting?

It's best to reserve playful idioms like "Kick Kicks" for informal settings or casual conversations, as they might not be appropriate or easily understood in a formal context.

  • Are there other idiomatic expressions that convey the same meaning as "Kick Kicks"?

Yes, idioms such as "cut loose," "live it up," and "kick up one's heels" carry a similar meaning to "Kick Kicks."

  • Is "Kick Kicks" used internationally?

While "Kick Kicks" is an English idiomatic expression, its usage may vary internationally. However, the concept of having fun and approaching tasks with enthusiasm can be found across cultures and languages.

  • What age group typically uses the idiom "Kick Kicks"?

There is no specific age group associated with the use of "Kick Kicks." People of all ages can employ this idiom to express enjoyment or enthusiasm.

  • Can "Kick Kicks" be used to describe both people and activities?

Yes, "Kick Kicks" can be used to describe people who are having fun, as well as activities that are enjoyable and lively.

  • Is "Kick Kicks" more popular in specific regions or countries?

There is no evidence to suggest that the idiom "Kick Kicks" is more popular in specific regions or countries. However, its usage may vary based on local culture and dialects.

  • Are there any famous quotes or works of art that feature the idiom "Kick Kicks"?

While there might not be specific instances of "Kick Kicks" used in notable quotes or artwork, the idiom's essence can be found in several forms of entertainment, such as movies and songs that emphasize fun and energetic experiences.

Final Thoughts About "Kick Kicks"

"Kick Kicks" is a lively idiom used to express having fun or tackling tasks and challenges with vigor and enthusiasm. With roots in dance, movement, and idiomatic expressions, it embodies a spirit of enjoyment and exuberance.

  • Meaning: Enjoying oneself or engaging in activities with zeal and energy.
  • Origins: Possibly derived from dance and movement or English idioms and slang.
  • Usage: Can be used to describe people, their actions, or specific activities.
  • Variations: "Cut loose," "Live it up," "Kick up one's heels."
  • Significance: Encourages a positive and enthusiastic approach to life, challenges, and experiences.

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