A Flight Of Fantasy: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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June 11, 2023

The idiom "a flight of fantasy" typically refers to an idea or a suggestion that is imaginative, unrealistic, or fanciful. It suggests a thought or an idea that is highly creative or inventive but has little grounding in reality. The phrase is a variation of the more commonly used "a flight of fancy."

In short:

"A flight of fantasy" typically signifies thoughts, ideas, or narratives that are highly imaginative but not practically feasible or realistic.

What Does "A Flight of Fantasy" Mean?

The phrase implies indulging in wild imagination, often without the constraints of practicality or realism. It can be associated with creative storytelling, innovative ideas, or speculative scenarios that are unlikely to come to fruition.

Let's explore its core meanings:

  • It usually refers to ideas or narratives that are highly imaginative or fanciful.
  • These ideas often have little basis in reality or practicality.
  • While typically used in casual contexts, the phrase can also describe innovative, albeit impractical, solutions in professional settings.

Where Does "A Flight of Fantasy" Come From?

The phrase first appeared in the 17th century as "a flight of imagination." Eventually, it evolved into "a flight of fancy" and "a flight of fantasy." Both "fancy" and "fantasy" were used interchangeably to denote the act of imagination, with "fancy" being derived from the Latin word "phantasia," which means "imagination" or "vision."

"A flight of fancy" gained prominence in the 18th and 19th centuries, where it was used to describe the imaginative leaps taken by writers, artists, and thinkers of the time. The phrase has since become a staple in the English language, used to describe moments when an individual's thoughts drift away from reality and into the realm of the fantastic.

Historical Example

"We should have liked much, had space permitted, to say a word or two about the 'Silvestertraum,' a flight of fantasy strongly recalling Jean Paul's beautiful fragment of the 'Nacht eines Unglücklichen.'"

- The British Quarterly Review, 1863

10 Examples of "A Flight of Fantasy" in Sentences

Here are some examples of using the idiom in sentences:

  • The notion of living on Mars may seem like a flight of fantasy now, but it might become a reality in the future.
  • No need to rub it in that I'm prone to taking frequent flights of fantasy.
  • When your dreams come true, chalk it up to your flight of fantasy.
  • Welcome aboard this flight of fantasy where anything is possible.
  • As a child, I used to embark on flights of fantasy, imagining I was a pirate searching for hidden treasure.
  • Let's stay in touch and plan our next flight of fantasy.
  • His design for the revolutionary vehicle was considered a flight of fantasy, yet he pursued it relentlessly.
  • A flight of fantasy is a must-do for any creative person.
  • The novelist’s latest work takes readers on a flight of fantasy, weaving a story around mythical beasts and epic battles.
  • Even in a flight of fantasy, sometimes you might be the bearer of bad news,

Examples of "A Flight of Fantasy" in Pop Culture

The phrase "a flight of fantasy" frequently appears in pop culture, often referring to the creation and exploration of imaginative worlds, scenarios, or ideas.

Let's examine some examples:

  • "Flight of Fantasy: New Perspectives on Inner Emigration in German Literature 1933-1945," edited by Neil H. Donahue and Doris Kirchner, explores the concept of "Inner Emigration," a term used to describe German writers who, during the Nazi era, chose to stay in Germany instead of going into exile.
  • In the movie The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), Surat Khan tells Sir Charles Macefield, "I'm afraid we're losing ourselves in a flight of fantasy."

Other/Different Ways to Say "A Flight of Fantasy"

There are several alternative expressions that convey a similar meaning to "a flight of fantasy."

Here are some of them:

  • Pipe dream
  • Castle in the air
  • Wild imagination
  • Fanciful notion
  • Fantasy world
  • Daydream
  • Flight of fancy

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "A Flight of Fantasy":

  • What does "a flight of fantasy" mean?

"A flight of fantasy" generally refers to highly imaginative or fanciful ideas or narratives that have little grounding in reality.

  • How can I use "a flight of fantasy" in a sentence?

You can use "a flight of fantasy" to describe an idea or a story that is imaginative but not realistically feasible. For example, "Her story about time-traveling knights was a captivating flight of fantasy."

  • Where does the idiom "a flight of fantasy" come from?

The phrase likely originates from the literary and artistic world, signifying the power of imagination to transcend the boundaries of the physical world.

  • Is "a flight of fantasy" a formal term?

"A flight of fantasy" can be used both in informal and formal contexts, depending on the tone of the conversation or writing.

  • Does "a flight of fantasy" only refer to fictional narratives?

No, while it often refers to imaginative storytelling, it can also describe inventive but unrealistic ideas in various contexts.

  • Is "a flight of fantasy" a negative term?

It's neutral but can be interpreted negatively or positively depending on the context. It can be negative if it suggests impracticality, but it can be positive when it denotes creative imagination.

  • Can you use it in a professional setting?

Yes, it can be used to describe innovative but impractical ideas or solutions in a professional setting.

  • Is it appropriate to use the term in academic writing?

Given its metaphorical nature, "a flight of fantasy" can be used in academic writing when discussing literature, creativity, or innovative thought processes.

  • Can "a flight of fantasy" refer to dreams or ambitions?

Yes, "a flight of fantasy" can refer to dreams or ambitions that are highly imaginative but not realistically feasible.

  • Does "a flight of fantasy" imply a lack of realism?

Generally, yes. The phrase often denotes ideas or narratives that are imaginative or fantastical, with little grounding in reality.

Final Thoughts About "A Flight of Fantasy"

The idiom "a flight of fantasy" illustrates the power of imagination to transcend the boundaries of reality. It can be used in a wide range of contexts, from literary and artistic discussions to everyday conversations about fanciful ideas or dreams.

Here's a quick recap:

  • The term often denotes highly imaginative or unrealistic narratives or ideas.
  • The phrase has origins in the literary and artistic world, symbolizing the power of imagination.
  • While it may imply a lack of realism, the term also appreciates the creative and imaginative capacities of the human mind.

The idiom not only acknowledges the boundless capacities of our imaginations but also highlights our human ability to dream, innovate, and escape from the confines of reality. As we use it, let's celebrate the fascinating flights of fantasy that enrich our lives with creativity and wonder.

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