Glamming Up: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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November 18, 2023

The slang term "glamming up" is often used to talk about making yourself or something else look more attractive or stylish. This usually involves putting on makeup, fancy clothes, or adding decorative items. While the term is often associated with fashion and beauty, it can also apply to dressing up a space or an event.

In short:

  • It means making yourself or something look better, usually through style and decor.
  • The term can apply to people, places, or events.

What Does "Glamming Up" Mean?

When someone talks about "glamming up," they mean they are taking steps to look better or more stylish. You might hear this term when someone is getting ready for a special occasion or wants to make a strong impression. For example, you might say, "I'm glamming up for the party tonight," or "We need to glam up this room before the guests arrive.

Let's look at what it generally involves:

  • It often includes putting on makeup, styling hair, and choosing fashionable clothes.
  • You say it when you want to add a touch of elegance or flair to your look or space.
  • The term helps you make sure you and others know the goal is to go beyond the ordinary.
  • It is mostly heard in social settings but can also relate to decorating a space or event.
  • Similar phrases include "dress to impress," "spruce up," and "deck out.

Where Does "Glamming Up" Come From?

The phrase “glamming up” originates from the word “glam,” which is short for glamour or glamorous. The term “glamour” itself comes from the Scottish term “grammar,” which in this context means “magic, enchantment, spell.” The term was adapted into English in the late 18th century to mean an “illusion; magic charm.” By the 19th century, it had taken on the additional meaning of “attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.”

The verb form of “glam,” which is “to make glamorous or more glamorous,” usually used with “up,” appeared around 1940. So, when you’re “glamming up,” you’re making yourself or something else more attractive or exciting, often with a sense of charm or enchantment.

10 Examples of "Glamming Up" in Sentences

To make it easier for you to understand how to use "glamming up," let's look at some examples from different situations:

  • For anyone wanting a stand-out look, the pro tip is layering your jewelry when glamming up.
  • They spent the weekend glamming up their backyard for the summer barbecue party.
  • Fashionably late and glamming up perfectly, she stole the show as she entered the room.
  • She took her car to get glammed up with a new paint job and interior decorations.
  • Wear it well when glamming up for a special occasion; the right outfit can boost your confidence.
  • The event planners were glamming up the hall with lights and fancy table settings.
  • He was glamming up his resume by adding some eye-catching design elements.
  • They were glamming up their social media profiles with high-quality pictures.
  • She was busy glamming up her dog with cute accessories for the pet show.
  • Can't wait to see how glamming up transforms the mundane hall into a dazzling venue for the charity ball.

Examples of "Glamming Up" in Pop Culture

This term is pretty popular in pop culture, especially in reality TV shows and movies about fashion and lifestyle.

Let's see some examples:

  • In the TV show “Glow Up,” the contestants compete in various professional makeup gigs, such as creating a look for a digital ASOS campaign, glamming up extras for Pose, and executing a makeup TikTok at a buzzy location.
  • A quote from the book Turned On: A Biography of Henry Rollins: "Kira herself would only last one
    more tour in Black Flag. The destabilisation caused by Stevenson's departure took another twist when she began glamming up for shows."
  • A quote from the novel Moondust Lake by Davis Bunn: "'Do you think Jason would have left me if I had spent more time glamming up?' He waited until they crossed the street to reply, 'Jason was a class-A loon.'"

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "Glamming Up"

Here are some other phrases you can use that mean pretty much the same thing:

  • Dress to impress
  • Make it fancy
  • Deck out
  • Add some flair
  • Spice it up
  • Doll up
  • Put on the Ritz
  • Jazz it up
  • Get all dolled up
  • Beautify

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Glamming Up":

  • What does "glamming up" mean?

"Glamming up" means making something or someone look more glamorous or attractive, often with the help of makeup, clothes, or accessories. It can also refer to sprucing up an environment.

  • How can I use "glamming up" in a sentence?

You can use "glamming up" as a verb phrase to describe the act of adding glamour. For example, "I'm glamming up for the party tonight," or "We're glamming up the living room with new curtains and artwork."

  • Is it more common in personal or public settings?

"Glamming up" is common in both personal and public settings. People often glam up for personal events like dates or parties, and public events like weddings or galas.

  • Does it only refer to physical appearance?

No, "glamming up" can also refer to making a space or an object look more appealing, like glamming up a room or a website.

  • Is it just for special occasions?

While often associated with special occasions, "glamming up" can also be done casually. Some people glam up just to feel good or to make an ordinary day special.

  • Can men glam up?

Yes, "glamming up" is for everyone, regardless of gender. Men can glam up by wearing a sharp outfit, grooming, or even applying some form of makeup.

  • Does it always involve makeup?

No, glamming up doesn't always involve makeup. It can be as simple as wearing a nice outfit or adding some flashy accessories.

  • How does it relate to self-expression?

"Glamming up" can be a form of self-expression, letting people show off their style, personality, or even mood for the day.

  • Is it the same as "dressing up"?

While similar, "glamming up" often implies adding an extra touch of glamour or elegance, whereas "dressing up" can be more general.

  • Does it require a lot of time and effort?

Not necessarily. The time and effort needed depend on how far you want to go in glamming up. It can be quick and simple or more elaborate.

Final Thoughts About "Glamming Up"

"Glamming up" is a versatile term used to describe the act of adding glamour or appeal to people, places, or things. It's a way to enhance beauty, make a statement, or simply feel good about oneself or one's surroundings.

Here's a quick recap:

  • It's a way to add glamour to both people and spaces.
  • It can be done in both personal and public settings.
  • The term goes beyond just physical appearance.
  • It's an inclusive term, suitable for anyone who wants to add a little extra sparkle.

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