Is Thanks Everybody or Thanks Everyone Correct Grammar?

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October 17, 2023

Ever mix up the phrases "thanks everybody" and "thanks everyone"? You're not alone! This guide will clear up the differences and help you use each one correctly.

In short:

  • "Thanks everybody" is often used in casual settings and has a more relaxed tone.
  • "Thanks everyone" is more formal and is commonly used in written or official communications.

Definition of "Thanks Everybody": What Does "Thanks Everybody" Mean?

"Thanks everybody" is more informal and casual, best for in-person speech or relaxed situations.

  • Used to express gratitude to a group of people in an informal or casual manner.

Synonyms of “Thanks Everybody"

  • Thanks all
  • Thanks, folks
  • Cheers everyone

Antonyms of “Thanks Everybody"

  • No thanks, everybody
  • Ungrateful to all

Similar Terms of “Thanks Everybody”

  • Thanks, guys
  • Appreciate it, everyone
  • Kudos to all

Definition of "Thanks Everyone": What Does "Thanks Everyone" Mean?

"Thanks everyone" is more formal and polite, best for correspondence and written expressions.

  • Used to thank a group of people in a more formal or official context.

Synonyms of “Thanks Everyone"

  • Thank you all
  • Appreciate everyone
  • Gratitude to all

Antonyms of “Thanks Everyone"

  • No thanks, everyone
  • Ungrateful to all

Similar Terms of “Thanks Everyone”

  • Thanks to each of you
  • Many thanks to all
  • Much appreciated, everyone

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce "Thanks Everybody" or "Thanks Everyone"

Wondering how to say these phrases out loud? Pronunciation is pretty straightforward for both.

"Thanks everybody": /θæŋks ˈɛvrɪˌbɒdi/

"Thanks everyone": /θæŋks ˈɛvrɪˌwʌn/

Usage Tips:

  • Use "thanks everybody" in a casual setting or with friends.
  • Opt for "thanks everyone" when you're in a more formal environment or writing an email, for example.

How to Use “Thanks Everybody” or “Thanks Everyone” in a Sentence

Confused about when to use which? Let's look at some example sentences to make it clear.

Thanks Everybody

  1. Thanks everybody, for coming to my birthday party!
  2. Thanks everybody; I really needed that group hug.
  3. Thanks everybody, for helping me move my stuff.
  4. Thanks everybody, for the surprise; you got me good!

Thanks Everyone

  1. Thanks everyone for attending the meeting.
  2. Thanks everyone for your contributions to the project.
  3. Thanks everyone for respecting the rules.
  4. Thanks everyone for making this event a success.

Final Advice on “Thanks Everybody” or “Thanks Everyone”

Both phrases are grammatically correct and mean the same thing: expressing gratitude to a group of people. However, some people may prefer one over the other depending on the context and tone.

  • "Thanks everybody" is best for informal, relaxed situations.
  • "Thanks everyone" works well in more formal or official settings.

These are commonly confused words, but now you know the differences and when to use each. So go ahead and express your gratitude the right way!

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