Time Flies or Time Flys: Which is Correct Grammar?

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October 13, 2023

Understanding the nuances between similar phrases can be a key to effective communication. Let's explore the distinctions between "time flies" and "time flys," two phrases that are often misused, to help you use them accurately in your conversations and writings.

In short:

  • "Time Flies" is the correct phrase.
  • "Time Flys" is an incorrect spelling.

Definition of "Time Flies": What Does "Time Flies" Mean?

"Time flies" refers to the perception that time passes quickly, especially when one is occupied or enjoying oneself.

  • The phrase is often used to express surprise or nostalgia about the rapid passing of time.

Synonyms of “Time Flies"

  • Time passes quickly
  • Time zooms

Antonyms of “Time Flies"

  • Time drags
  • Time crawls

Similar Terms of “Time Flies”

  • Time slips away
  • Time runs out

Definition of "Time Flys": What Does "Time Flys" Mean?

"Time flys" is not a standard phrase in English and is generally considered a misspelling of "time flies."

  • It might be encountered in informal or playful contexts, but it's not accepted in formal or standard communication.

Similar Terms of “Time Flys”

  • None, as "time flys" is not recognized as a standard phrase.

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce “Time Flies” or “Time Flys”

Correct pronunciation ensures clear communication and avoids misunderstandings. Let’s look at how to pronounce these phrases, even though one is not standard.

"Time flies"

  • Time /taɪm/ Flies /flaɪz/

"Time flys"

  • Time /taɪm/ Flys /flaɪz/ (Note: Not standard usage)

Usage Tips

Stick to using "time flies" to be understood and respected in all communication contexts. Avoid "time flys" unless you’re being intentionally playful or creative, and even then, be mindful of your audience and purpose.

How to Use “Time Flies” or “Time Flys” in a Sentence

Using phrases correctly in sentences enhances your credibility and clarity in communication. Let’s look at some examples to understand how to use "time flies" and, though non-standard, "time flys" in sentences.

Time Flies

  1. Can you believe it’s already December? Time flies!
  2. We’ve been friends for 20 years? Wow, time flies.
  3. Before we know it, the holiday will be over because time flies.
  4. Enjoy every moment with your little ones since time flies.

Time Flys

  1. Again, Time Flys is not standard and is generally avoided in writing and speech.

Final Advice on “Time Flies” or “Time Flys”

Being mindful of using the correct phrases is crucial in maintaining effective communication. Let’s recap the key takeaways about "time flies" and "time flys" to ensure we navigate through the maze of commonly confused words with ease.


  • Use "time flies" for standard communication.
  • Avoid "time flys" unless it is intentionally non-standard.
  • Be mindful of pronunciation and context when using phrases.

By paying attention to these distinctions, you'll find your way through the commonly confused words, ensuring your communication is clear and effective.

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