Combating or Combatting: Which is Correct Grammar?

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October 5, 2023

Understanding the nuances between "combating" and "combatting" can be a tricky endeavor. Let's explore these two words, uncovering their meanings, pronunciations, and how to use them effectively in our communication.

In short:

  • Combating is the more widely accepted spelling.
  • Combatting, while less common, is also correct.

Definition of "Combating": What Does "Combating" Mean?

"Combating" involves actively fighting or working to stop something undesirable.

  • Actively fighting against something.
  • Working to stop or eliminate a problem or undesirable situation.

Synonyms of 'Combating'

  • Fighting
  • Opposing

Antonyms of 'Combating'

  • Supporting
  • Encouraging

Similar Terms

  • Contesting
  • Resisting

Definition of "Combatting": What Does "Combatting" Mean?

"Combatting" also refers to the act of fighting against or opposing something but is often considered a less common spelling.

  • Actively opposing or fighting against something.
  • Struggling to prevent a particular outcome or situation.

Synonyms of 'Combatting'

  • Battling
  • Confronting

Antonyms of 'Combatting'

  • Endorsing
  • Facilitating

Similar Terms

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce 'Combating' or 'Combatting'

Pronunciation is key to making sure we're understood when speaking. Let’s find our way through the pronunciation of "combating" and "combatting."


  • /kəmˈbætɪŋ/


  • /kəmˈbætɪŋ/

Usage Tips

When it comes to using "combating" and "combatting" in your writing, remember that both are correct, but "combating" is more widely accepted and recognized. If you're writing for a broad audience, it might be a good idea to stick with "combating" to avoid any confusion.

How to Use 'Combating' or 'Combatting' in a Sentence

Using "combating" and "combatting" in sentences can be straightforward once you know the rules. Let’s look at some examples to make their usage crystal clear.


  1. Combating climate change requires global cooperation.
  2. The government is combating the economic crisis with a new stimulus package.
  3. She has been combating stereotypes throughout her career.
  4. Combating misinformation online is a challenging task.


  1. The organization is combatting poverty in developing countries.
  2. He has been combatting feelings of loneliness by joining online forums.
  3. Combatting drug abuse is one of the top priorities for the health department.
  4. The community is combatting the issue of food deserts by starting a local garden.

Final Advice on 'Combating' vs 'Combatting'

As we wrap up our exploration of "combating" and "combatting," it's essential to remember a few key points. These commonly confused words, while similar, have subtle distinctions that can impact your communication.


  • Both "combating" and "combatting" are correct but have different common usages.
  • "Combating" is generally more widely accepted and used.
  • Ensure to pronounce them correctly: /kəmˈbætɪŋ/.

By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to using these commonly confused words accurately in your writing and conversations.

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