Draft: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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October 8, 2023

1. Draft (noun): A preliminary version of a written document, such as an essay or contract.
2. Draft (noun): The act of selecting individuals for compulsory military service.
3. Draft (noun): A current of air in an enclosed space, like a room or a chimney.
4. Draft (noun): The depth of water a ship needs to float, or the depth below the waterline to the lowest point of the vessel.
5. Draft (noun): A written order for the payment of a specified sum of money, such as a bank draft.
6. Draft (verb): To create a preliminary version of a written document.
7. Draft (verb): To select individuals for specific roles or tasks, particularly for military service.
8. Draft (verb): To sketch or outline something roughly.
9. Draft (verb): To follow closely behind another vehicle to take advantage of reduced air resistance.
10. Draft (adjective): Dispensed from a barrel or keg (draft beer).

The term "draft" is multifaceted, encompassing various definitions related to writing, selection, air currents, nautical measurements, financial transactions, and even beer. This comprehensive understanding provides insights into its diverse applications across different contexts.

"Draft" Definition: What Does "Draft" Mean?

The word "draft" can refer to a variety of different contexts, ranging from writing preliminary versions of documents to selecting individuals for specific roles to measurements of ships. Each definition has its unique applications and connotations.

  • Document Draft: An initial version or sketch of any written work, subject to edits and revisions.
  • Military Draft: A method of conscription where individuals are chosen to serve in the armed forces.
  • Air Current Draft: A flow of air in a specific space, often resulting from differences in temperature or pressure.
  • Ship Draft: The measure of a ship's depth in the water, critical for navigation and safety.
  • Bank Draft: A document issued by a bank directing the payment of a specific sum from one account to another.

Parts of Speech

The term "draft" can be both a noun and a verb, with its adjective form pertaining to something dispensed from a barrel or keg, such as beer.

How to Pronounce "Draft"?

It is pronounced in a single syllable. The "a" sounds like the "a" in "craft," and it ends with the "ft" sound.

Phonetic Pronunciation: dræft

Synonyms of "Draft": Other Ways to Say "Draft"

The term "draft" possesses a variety of synonyms depending on the context in which it's used.

  • Sketch (for preliminary version)
  • Conscription (for military selection)
  • Breeze (for a flow of air)
  • Depth (pertaining to ships)
  • Order (for a payment directive)

Antonyms of "Draft": Other Ways to Say "Draft"

The antonyms of "draft" would be context-dependent.

  • Final (for preliminary version)
  • Volunteer (opposite of compulsory service)
  • Stagnation (for air movement)
  • Shallow (opposite of depth for ships)
  • Receipt (opposite of payment order in finance)

Examples of "Draft" in a Sentence

The term "draft" can be employed in numerous contexts. Here are ten illustrative examples:

1. Samantha submitted the draft of her novel to the editor for feedback.
2. Many young men were concerned about the possibility of a military draft.
3. I felt a cold draft every time someone opened the front door.
4. Knowing the ship's draft before entering shallow waters is crucial.
5. Good luck to us! Hope we finish drafting our project proposal on time.
6. The army decided to draft new recruits due to the shortage of personnel.
7. The company drafts regular updates to its business plan to stay the course in this market.
8. Racecar drivers often draft behind other cars to conserve fuel and speed up.
9. Many patrons prefer draft beer because of its fresh taste.
10. Making the most of the resources available, the architect drafts an innovative design for the new building.

Frequency of Use

The term "draft" is commonly used in the English language, especially in contexts related to writing, selection processes, and nautical contexts. The word's versatility makes it prevalent in both spoken and written English. Whether discussing preliminary versions of written works, selecting people for a role, or mentioning ship measurements, "draft" is a word encountered often, making it integral to a wide array of subjects and disciplines.

Variants of "Draft"

While "draft" primarily stands on its own, there are different forms based on tense and usage.

1. Drafted: Past tense of the verb form, indicating the completion of a drafting process.
2. Drafting: The ongoing action or process of creating a draft.

Related Terms to "Draft"

Various terms are associated with "draft," each shedding light on its diverse meanings and applications.

1. Sketch
2. Blueprint
3. Outline
4. Rough copy
5. Conscription
6. Airflow
7. Depth
8. Check

Etymology: History and Origins of "Draft"

The term "draft" has a rich and varied history, dating back to the 1500s. Originally a spelling variant of "draught," it evolved to reflect a change in pronunciation. The word has been used in multiple contexts over the years. For instance, as early as the 14th century, it was used to describe a "rough copy of writing," essentially a preliminary version of a document. By the 1520s, it also came to signify a "preliminary sketch," from which a final copy could be made.

Around the 1770s, the term was applied to describe the "flow of a current of air," like the draft you might feel in a chilly room. In the 1830s, "draft" took on a culinary context, referring to beer "drawn" directly from a cask or keg. Since 1703, the term has been associated with the selection of individuals for special duties, most notably military service. As a verb, "to draft" has been used since 1714, primarily referring to selecting individuals for specific roles or tasks.

Derivatives and Compounds of "Draft"

The term "draft" has spawned several derivatives and compounds illuminating its wide-reaching implications.

1. Drafter: An individual who drafts documents or drawings.
2. Draftsmanship: The skill or quality of drawing or drafting.

Common Misspellings of "Draft"

For clarity in communication, spelling "draft" correctly is crucial. However, a few common misspellings arise.

Here are some frequently observed misspellings:

1. Draf
2. Drafte
3. Drafft

10 Idioms Similar to "Draft"

While "draft" might not be directly present in many idioms, there are idioms related to their various meanings, particularly those about creating or beginning something.

1. Get the ball rolling
2. Back to the drawing board
3. Get a rough idea
4. The winds of change
5. On deep water
6. In full sail
7. Write off the cuff
8. Drawn like a moth to a flame
9. Pencil in
10. Cast a wide net

10 Common Questions About "Draft"

Given the multifaceted nature of the term "draft," numerous questions arise concerning its usage and meaning.

1. What does "draft" mean in writing?

A "draft" in writing refers to a preliminary version of a document, often subject to further revisions.

2. How does the military "draft" work?

Military "draft" is a system of conscription where individuals are selected to serve in the armed forces, often mandatorily.

3. Why is "draft" used to describe airflow?

"Draft" refers to a current of air, particularly in an enclosed space, and the term captures the idea of air being "drawn" or "pulled" through a space.

4. How does "draft" relate to ships?

In nautical terms, "draft" denotes the depth of a ship in water, from the waterline to the ship's lowest point.

5. What is a bank "draft"?

A bank "draft" is a written order by a bank directing the payment of a specified sum of money from one account to another.

6. Why is "draft" beer called so?

"Draft" beer refers to beer drawn or dispensed directly from a barrel or keg

, instead of from bottles or cans.

7. Can "draft" be used as an adjective?

Yes, "draft" can be an adjective, like in the context of "draft beer."

8. How does "drafting" relate to vehicle racing?

In racing, "drafting" refers to the technique where a vehicle follows closely behind another to minimize air resistance and increase speed.

9. What's the importance of "drafting" in design?

"Drafting" in design pertains to creating precise drawings and plans, often for architectural or engineering purposes. It's crucial for the accuracy and efficient execution of projects.

10. How do you use "draft" in a sentence?

Depending on the context, "draft" can be used in various ways, such as "I've completed the first draft of my novel" or "The ship's draft is too deep for this shallow harbor."


"Draft" is a term with vast applications, from writing to the vastness of the seas and even to the specifics of finance. With its many definitions and uses, understanding "draft" enhances one's ability to effectively communicate complex ideas across several domains. Explore more definitions to continue expanding your understanding of the language.

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