Highschool or High School: Is High School One Word?

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October 12, 2023

Understanding the difference between "highschool" and "high school" can be quite straightforward yet crucial in written communication. Let's explore these terms to make sure we use them correctly and confidently in our writing and conversations.

In short:

  • "Highschool" is incorrect.
  • "High school" is the correct term.

Definition of "Highschool": What Does "Highschool" Mean?

"Highschool" is not a standard word in English and is often considered a misspelling.

  • It is commonly mistaken for the correct term "high school."

Synonyms of “Highschool”

  • None, as "highschool" is not a recognized term.

Antonyms of “Highschool”

  • None.

Similar Terms of “Highschool”

  • None.

Definition of "High School": What Does "High School" Mean?

"High school" refers to an educational institution.

  • A place where students attend after primary school and before college or university.

Synonyms of “High School”

  • Secondary school
  • Senior high

Antonyms of “High School”

  • Elementary school
  • Primary school

Similar Terms of “High School”

  • College
  • University

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce “Highschool” or “High School”

Even though "highschool" is not a standard term, it's often pronounced the same way as "high school". Let’s make sure we say them correctly to avoid any confusion in verbal communication.


  • Not applicable as it is not a recognized term.

"High school"

  • /haɪ skuːl/

Usage Tips

Remember to always separate "high" and "school" when you’re talking about an educational institution. Avoid combining them into one word to ensure your writing is error-free.

How to Use “Highschool” or “High School” in a Sentence

Using "highschool" and "high school" in sentences is simple once you know the difference. Let’s look at some examples to make their usage crystal clear.


  1. Incorrect: My brother is starting highschool next year.
  2. Incorrect: She is a highschool teacher.
  3. Incorrect: The highschool is organizing a trip.
  4. Incorrect: He is in his last year of highschool.

High School

  1. Correct: My sister is in her final year of high school.
  2. Correct: The high school play was a big success.
  3. Correct: He will start high school in September.
  4. Correct: She is excited about the high school prom.

Final Advice on “Highschool” or “High School”

Understanding the differences between these commonly confused words is key to clear communication. Let’s summarize the main points to remember about "highschool" and "high school".


  • "Highschool" is not a correct term.
  • "High school" is the accurate spelling.
  • Always use "high school" in your writing and conversations.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll always use these commonly confused words accurately in your writing and speaking, ensuring clear and effective communication.

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