Other Than or Other Then: Which is Correct Grammar?

Last Updated on
October 17, 2023

Subtle differences between words can greatly affect how we communicate.  Let's explore the distinctions between "other than" and "other then." With a bit of knowledge, you'll easily avoid mix-ups between these tricky words.

In short:

  • "Other than" is the correct phrase to use in most contexts.
  • "Other then" is usually a typo or mistake.

Definition of "Other Than": What Does "Other Than" Mean?

The phrase “other than” means “besides” or “except for.” It is used to show a contrast or exception between two things or people.

  • Used to show exception or contrast.

Synonyms of "Other Than"

  • Except for
  • Besides

Antonyms of "Other Than"

  • Including
  • Along with

Similar Terms of "Other Than"

  • Apart from
  • Excluding

Definition of "Other Then": What Does "Other Then" Mean?

 "Other then" is incorrect and likely the result of confusing the two phrases.

  • Typically, it is a typo or grammatical error.

Similar Terms of "Other Then"

  • None, as it is usually incorrect.

Pronunciation: How to Pronounce "Other Than" or "Other Then"

Both phrases sound similar, which can add to the confusion. Here's how to say them.

"Other Than": /ˈʌð.ɚ ðæn/

"Other Then": /ˈʌð.ɚ ðɛn/

Usage Tips

Use "other than" to come across as knowledgeable and accurate in your communication. It's the phrase that's widely accepted and understood. Steer clear of "other then," as it's generally considered a typo and could make you seem less reliable. Being aware of which phrase to use can make your conversations and writing clearer.

How to Use "Other Than" or "Other Then" in a Sentence

Knowing when to use each phrase will help you speak and write more clearly. Let's look at some examples.

Other Than

  1. I like all fruits other than apples.
  2. She goes to the gym every day other than Sunday.
  3. Other than that, how was your day?
  4. The girl didn't want to talk to anyone other than her mom.

Other Then (Incorrect Usage)

  1. He likes all games other then chess. (Incorrect)
  2. We go to all parties other then Bob's. (Incorrect)

Final Advice on "Other Than" or "Other Then"

The correct phrase for showing contrast or exceptions is "other than," so stick with it. The use of "other then" is almost always an error.

  • Always use "other than" when showing contrast or exception.
  • Avoid using "other then," as it's generally a typo.

With this knowledge, you can communicate your intended meaning accurately. Getting these commonly confused phrases right is essential to effective and polished communication.

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