Meshed Together: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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August 29, 2023

When two or more things are "meshed together," they fit perfectly and work together as one unit. Whether it's gears in a machine or a team of people working harmoniously, this idiom captures the essence of unity and harmony.

In short:

  • "Meshed together" means that things are interconnected and work seamlessly with one another.

What Does “Meshed Together” Mean?

The idiom "meshed together" carries a sense of interconnection and fitting perfectly. You can see this in various contexts, including:

  • Physical objects that interlock, like gears in a machine.
  • People working harmoniously, like a well-coordinated team.
  • Ideas or concepts that complement each other.

It’s an expression that often symbolizes unity, collaboration, and interdependence.

Where Does “Meshed Together” Come From?

The origin of the idiom "meshed together" traces back to the use of mesh in weaving and machinery. The word “mesh” means the interlocking of threads or wires, and this concept extends metaphorically in the phrase.

Historical Usage

"The cogs in the clock were so perfectly meshed together that it never missed a second."

- Historical reference from clockmaking in the 18th century.

"The cogs in the clock were so perfectly meshed together that it never missed a second."

- Clockmaking, 18th century.

"These two theories are meshed together in his latest book."

- Philosophical writings, early 20th century.

"The soldiers’ strategies meshed together to win the battle."

- Military tactics, World War II.

"The two fabrics were meshed together to create a unique design."

- Textile industry, 19th century.

10 Examples of “Meshed Together” in Sentences

Here are some examples that showcase the idiom in different contexts:

  • Our team's skills are 'meshed together' so well that we can tackle any project.
  •  In the basketball team, the players 'meshed together' so well that even the last man standing in the tryouts became an essential part of the squad.
  • When the local community 'meshed together' to create a garden, they decided to go downtown and purchase the necessary supplies.
  • The family's traditions 'meshed together,' creating a joyful holiday celebration.
  • The musicians 'meshed together' their styles to form a new genre.
  • His passion for art and science 'meshed together' in his latest invention.
  • As the family 'meshed together' after years of separation, being there for each other became their priority.
  • The architects 'meshed together' old and new designs to restore the building.
  • When we 'meshed together' our ideas, we came up with a brilliant solution.
  • The engineering team 'meshed together' the new design, and the boss was taken with their innovative approach.

These sentences show how you can use the idiom "meshed together" in various situations, such as team collaboration or artistic creation.

Examples of “Meshed Together” in Pop Culture

  • "Their voices meshed together beautifully in the duet," said about famous singers in a popular music award show.
  • "The movie's plot and characters were so meshed together that it became an instant classic." - Film review in a popular magazine.
  • "The characters' stories were meshed together in the TV series finale," - Comment about a famous TV show's ending.
  • "Their dance styles meshed together perfectly in the performance," - Critique of a dance performance on a talent show.
  • "The band's instruments and vocals meshed together to create a unique sound," a description of a popular band's concert.
  • "The game's graphics and gameplay were meshed together, making it a best-seller," - Gaming magazine review of a video game.
  • "The author meshed together various themes in the novel," - Literary analysis of a best-selling book.
  • "The artists meshed together their creative ideas for the art exhibition," - Art critic's review of an exhibition.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say “Meshed Together”

Here are some different expressions that carry the same meaning as "meshed together," along with sentences to illustrate their use:

  • 'Blended Together': The colors of the sunset blended together to create a breathtaking view.
  • 'Combined Harmoniously': The flavors of the spices combined harmoniously in the stew.
  • 'Interlinked': The chapters of the book interlink to provide a cohesive story.
  • 'Fused Together': The pieces of metal fused together to form a strong joint.
  • 'Interwoven': The novel interweaves the themes of love and tragedy.
  • 'Integrated Seamlessly': The seamless integration of the software components enhanced the user experience.
  • 'Merged Effectively': The two companies merged effectively, maintaining both staff and clientele.
  • 'Unified': The team was unified by a common goal, leading them to victory.

These alternative phrases provide versatile ways to describe the idea of things coming together in harmony. Whether in cooking, storytelling, business, or art, they can add depth and creativity to your expression.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About “Meshed Together”:

  • What does “meshed together” mean?

It refers to the integration or combination of different parts in a harmonious and seamless way. The phrase can be applied to various contexts, from relationships to technology, symbolizing unity and connection.

  • Where did the idiom “meshed together” originate?

The phrase likely stems from the physical act of meshing or interlocking things, such as gears or woven fabric. Its figurative usage has evolved to describe the blending of ideas, people, or things.

  • Can “meshed together” have different meanings in different contexts?

Yes, the idiom can have variations in meaning based on context. It might refer to emotional connection in relationships, artistic blending in creative works, or technical integration in engineering and technology.

  • Does "meshed together" express a positive or negative meaning?

Generally, it's considered a positive expression, signifying harmony and successful integration. However, like many idioms, its tone can be influenced by the context in which it's used.

  • How can I use “meshed together” in a sentence?

The idiom can be used in various ways. For example, "The team meshed together well during the project," or "The flavors in the dish were perfectly meshed together."

  • Can you use "meshed together" in formal writing?

Yes, it's suitable for both formal and informal contexts. Its versatility allows it to fit into academic papers, business reports, creative writing, and casual conversation.

  • Are there synonyms for “meshed together”?

Yes, synonyms include "blended together," "interwoven," "fused together," "integrated seamlessly," and more. These synonyms can convey similar meanings, though with subtle differences.

  • Do speakers of other languages use "meshed together"?

The concept might be expressed differently in other languages, but the idea of things coming together harmoniously is a universal theme. Translations or equivalents might exist in various languages.

  • Can “meshed together” refer to relationships?

Absolutely! It's often used to describe relationships where individuals complement each other well, working or living together in harmony.

  • Do people commonly use "meshed together" in modern English?

Yes, it's a fairly common idiom and is used across various fields and settings, reflecting the idea of integration, unity, or harmony.

Final Thoughts About “Meshed Together”

Idioms like "meshed together" play a significant role in the English language, symbolizing unity, harmony, and integration. Whether describing a relationship, a work of art, a culinary masterpiece, or a business merger, this term beautifully captures the essence of things coming together to form a cohesive whole. Here's why this phrase continues to resonate:

  • Universal Application: Cooking, literature, technology, and more apply the idea of things being meshed together. This wide-ranging applicability makes it a versatile expression.
  • Positive Connotation: The term often carries a positive meaning, implying that the elements in question not only combine but do so harmoniously. This makes it a popular choice in motivational or inspirational contexts.
  • Rich Imagery: It provides vivid imagery of different pieces linking or weaving together, allowing listeners or readers to visualize the concept. This quality enriches communication by making abstract ideas more tangible.
  • Connection to Technology: Technology advancements are using the term "meshed together" to describe the integration of various digital systems and networks. It's a metaphor that keeps pace with modern development.

In summary, the idiom "meshed together" continues to be relevant and appealing in our language. It has a timeless quality, being there as a bridge that connects ideas and emotions.

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