All Yours: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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September 1, 2023

The expression "all yours" is a definitive gesture of handing over responsibility, control, or ownership of something to someone else. It's like saying, "This is now under your control" or "This belongs to you." This phrase can be employed in many scenarios, from casual situations like passing the TV remote to more formal contexts, such as transferring project ownership in a professional setting. When someone says "all yours," they entrust you with something tangible or intangible.

In short:

  • "All yours" typically means that someone is giving you control, ownership, or responsibility of something.

What Does "All Yours" Mean?

When someone says "all yours," they're handing you something literally or figuratively. It could be a physical object, a task, or even a turn to speak. The phrase indicates that you can now take charge or make a decision regarding that particular thing.

Let's dive into its core meanings and usage:

  • Ownership of an item: If a friend hands you a book and says, "It's all yours," they let you have it.
  • Turn to speak or act: In a meeting, after one person finishes speaking, they might gesture to the next person and say, "All yours," indicating it's their turn.
  • Assumption of responsibility: If your boss hands over a project saying, "It's all yours," they expect you to take charge.

It's a versatile phrase used in many contexts and can carry different nuances based on the situation.

Where Does "All Yours" Come From?

Tracing the exact origins of idioms can be tricky, as they often evolve over time and through cultural exchange. "All yours" is no exception.

The Historical Context

"With all my worldly goods I thee endow..."

The phrase might find its roots in older English, where endowing someone with all one had was a gesture of trust and commitment, especially in matrimonial ceremonies. The concept of giving everything to another person, denoted by "all yours," can be seen in historical contexts.

10 Examples of "All Yours" in Sentences

The following are some instances where "all yours" might be used:

  • When the judge granted the unusual request, he remarked, "This case is all yours," cautioning the young lawyer about setting a precedent for future proceedings.
  • When Jake finished his presentation, he nodded towards Maria and said, "All yours."
  • "Once I hand over this project, it's all yours," remarked the senior manager to her trainee.
  • After weeks of trying to decipher the ancient manuscript, Mark finally handed it over to Lisa, saying, "It's all yours; maybe you can crack the code."
  • After setting up the video game, Sam stepped back, telling his brother, "It's all yours."
  • "Once I'm done with this car, it's all yours," the mechanic assured his next customer.
  • "After inspecting the property, I decided to make an offer. Once accepted, it'll be all yours," the realtor assured the eager couple.
  • "When I retire next year, this department will be all yours," the director told her deputy.
  • "You master this technique, it'll become your bread and butter in the industry, and then the market will be all yours," the mentor explained to his apprentice.
  • As of now and with immediate effect, the responsibility for this project is all yours," the manager told Jake during the meeting.

Examples of "All Yours" in Pop Culture

Popular culture often reflects the language of the times, and "all yours" has made notable appearances:

  • In the film Pass It On, a mentor hands over a significant artifact to the protagonist, saying, "It's all yours."
  • In a famous episode of The Office, Michael Scott uses the phrase humorously while handing over a mess of paperwork.
  • The song All Yours by Metric, featured in the Twilight Saga, plays on the theme of total commitment and surrender.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "All Yours"

There are numerous ways to convey the same sentiment as "all yours."

Here's a list of alternatives:

  • Over to you.
  • It's yours now.
  • Your turn.
  • Take it.
  • It's in your hands.
  • Yours to use.
  • I hand it over.
  • Take the reins.
  • The floor's yours.
  • Go ahead.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "All Yours"

  • What's the origin of "all yours"?

It likely has roots in older English, especially ceremonies of commitment and trust.

  • Is "all yours" formal or informal?

It can be both, depending on the context. In casual conversations, it's informal. But in presentations or formal handovers, it's seen as polite.

  • Is "all yours" used worldwide?

Yes, it's understood in many cultures, though the exact phrasing may differ.

  • Can "all yours" be used sarcastically?

Absolutely. Like many idioms, tone and context matter. If someone makes a mess and says, "It's all yours," they're likely being sarcastic!

  • Is there a song named "All Yours"?

Yes, a song by Metric is titled "All Yours" and was featured in the Twilight Saga.

  • What's the opposite of "all yours"?

Phrases like "none of your business" or "keep your hands off" convey the opposite sentiment.

  • Can "all yours" refer to feelings?

Yes. If someone says, "My heart is all yours," they mean they're wholly committed or in love.

  • How does "all yours" differ from "over to you"?

Both are similar, but "over to you" typically indicates a turn to speak or act, while "all yours" can encompass more contexts.

  • Can the phrase be used in writing?

Yes, especially in dialogues or when narrating a handover situation in stories.

  • Is "all yours" used in any official ceremonies?

It can be used informally, but official ceremonies might use more formal language for handovers or commitments.

Final Thoughts About "All Yours"

When someone says "all yours," they are handing over responsibility, possession, or control of something to another person. This phrase is another way of saying, "This is now your responsibility," or "You can have it," or "You can take over now."

Here's a quick wrap-up:

  • It can convey ownership, responsibility, or a turn to act.
  • Its origins are likely traced back to older English ceremonies of commitment.
  • The phrase has found its way into movies, songs, and everyday conversations, attesting to its universal appeal and understanding.

Language is ever-evolving, and idioms like "all yours" add color, depth, and nuance to our communications. So the next time someone says, "It's all yours," appreciate the layers of meaning packed into those simple words!

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