19th Hole: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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September 24, 2023

The expression "19th hole" refers to what occurs after a round of golf.  It's not about the actual game on the green but more about the camaraderie, relaxation, and stories shared after the game.

In short:

"19th hole" refers to the clubhouse bar or restaurant where golfers go to relax after completing their round of golf.

What Does “19th Hole” Mean?

In golf, a standard round consists of 18 holes. So, there's no actual 19th hole on the course. The "19th hole" is a lighthearted and metaphorical reference to post-game activities. Hence, this idiom refers to:

  • The clubhouse bar or restaurant where players congregate after their game.
  • A metaphorical way of saying, taking a break or unwinding after a task.

It emphasizes relaxation, camaraderie, and, often, some storytelling about the day's game.

Where Does “19th Hole” Come From?

While the precise origins of the term are somewhat hazy, its connection to the golfing world is quite evident. Historically, golf courses have 18 holes, so the 19th hole naturally points to what comes after the game.

The Golden Era of Golf

"After a good game, nothing is more enjoyable than a pint at the 19th hole." – from an early 20th-century golf magazine.

This idiom became popular in the early 20th century, particularly during the "golden age" of golf, when popularity soared. Over time, it became a universally understood term among golfers and even those not inclined towards the sport.

10 Examples of “19th Hole” in Sentences

Here are some sentences to help you grasp the usage of this idiom:

  • After a tiring game, all I can think about is grabbing a drink at the 19th hole.
  • I spent my afternoon at the 19th hole, just chillin' with some buddies after the game.
  • They spent more time at the 19th hole than they did playing the game!
  • I met some wonderful people at the 19th hole yesterday.
  • After the last putt, we headed straight to the 19th hole for chilled martoonies.
  • Once you finish your round, hit me up at the 19th hole, and we'll grab a drink.
  • It's been ages since we last met up at the 19th hole. Let's catch up this weekend!
  • "WRUD after the game?" "Heading to the 19th hole for some relaxation."
  • Legends say some of the best golf strategies emerge from discussions at the 19th hole.
  • While many go for a beer, my idea of the perfect 19th hole is grabbing a hot coffee and reminiscing about the game.

Examples of “19th Hole” in Pop Culture

  • The movie Tin Cup features scenes at the 19th hole, showcasing golfers relaxing post-match.
  • A TV show titled The 19th Hole focused on golf culture and the after-game experiences.
  • In the book A Gentleman's Game, there are several references to the camaraderie experienced at the 19th hole.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "19th Hole"

"19th hole" is synonymous with relaxation and socializing after golf.

Here's a list of alternatives:

  • Clubhouse lounge
  • Post-round hangout
  • Golfers' retreat
  • After-game spot
  • The relaxation green

10 Frequently Asked Questions About “19th Hole”:

  • Is the "19th hole" an official golfing term?

No, it's more of an informal idiom referencing the social aspect after a game.

  • Do all golf clubs have a "19th hole"?

Most golf clubs have a clubhouse or bar, often referred to as the "19th hole", but it's not a mandatory feature.

  • Can "19th hole" be used outside of the golfing context?

Yes, it can be a metaphorical reference to relaxing after any task or event.

  • Is the "19th hole" always about drinks?

Primarily, yes, but it also embodies relaxation and socializing.

  • Why not just call it a clubhouse or bar?

It's a part of golfing jargon, adding a touch of culture and camaraderie specific to the sport.

  • Is the "19th hole" a modern invention?

No, it has historical origins dating back to the early 20th century.

  • Are there any songs about the "19th hole"?

There might be songs referencing golf, but none specifically about the "19th hole" as of current knowledge.

  • How significant is the "19th hole" in golf culture?

It’s very significant, symbolizing relaxation, stories of the game, and bonding over shared experiences.

  • Can the "19th hole" be at someone's home?

Metaphorically, yes! Any place where you relax and share tales of the day can be your "19th hole".

  • Do professional golfers also use this term?

Absolutely. It's widely recognized and used among all levels of golfers, including pros.

Final Thoughts About “19th Hole”

"19th hole" is a colloquial term often used by golfers to refer to a post-game relaxation spot, typically the clubhouse bar. It encapsulates the spirit and camaraderie of the golfing community. Whether you're a golf enthusiast unwinding after a tense round, someone seeking camaraderie with fellow players, or just there to enjoy the ambiance, the "19th hole" is more about the social aspect of golf than the sport itself.

Here's a quick wrap-up:

  • It refers to the post-game relaxation, bonding over drinks, and tales of the day's game.
  • While golf has a rich vocabulary, the "19th hole" stands out for its emphasis on the social and fun side of the sport.
  • Whether you're a golfer or not, using the idiom can add a touch of relaxation and charm to your conversation!

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