In the Interim: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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August 30, 2023

The expression "in the interim" conveys the idea of something occurring between two events or stages. It's akin to saying, "In the meantime" or "While we wait for the next thing." The phrase can seamlessly fit into various scenarios, from casual conversations to more formal discourses.

In short:

  • "In the interim" refers to the period between two events.

What Does "In the Interim" Mean?

The phrase "In the interim" denotes the period between two events or states of affairs, emphasizing the temporary nature of this interval. It conveys a sense of pause and transition before another expected occurrence or resolution.

Let's delve into the heart of this idiom.

  • At its core, "in the interim" describes a span of time between two points or events.
  • It often denotes a temporary situation until another event occurs or replaces it.
  • Related expressions include "in the meantime" and "for now."

The phrase paints a vivid image of transition, highlighting the lull or the waiting phase.

Where Does "In the Interim" Come From?

Interim" comes from the Latin word meaning "in the meantime." Over the years, English speakers adopted and anglicized this term, turning it into the idiom we know today.

The phrase made its way into famous writings, solidifying its place in the language.

10 Examples of "In the Interim" in Sentences

Idioms come alive in context. Let's explore:

  • In the interim, while I faced challenges and uncertainties, it was comforting to know that my close friends always got my back.
  • The main road is under construction. In the interim, use the detour.
  • In the interim, I tried lightening the mood between our serious discussions with a lame joke.
  • We'll have a team meeting next week. In the interim, continue with your tasks.
  • In the interim, since our last conversation, I noticed you've been leaving me on read; I hope everything's okay."
  • He's waiting for college acceptance letters. In the interim, he's studying.
  • The store restocks on Friday. In the interim, they're offering discounts.
  • In the interim, I've taken up a new hobby between our projects to keep my spirits up.
  • She'll be back from her break soon. In the interim, can I assist you?
  • In the interim, if you encounter any issues while you work on the project, just ping me for assistance.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "Ad Interim"

  • In the meantime
  • For the time being
  • Temporarily
  • Provisionally

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "In the Interim":

  • What is the basic meaning of "in the interim"?

This idiom refers to the time period between two events.

  • Where did the phrase originate?

"Interim" is derived from Latin, meaning "in the meantime".

  • How is "in the interim" used in sentences?

It's typically used to describe a temporary situation or period between two points in time.

  • Is "in the interim" formal or casual?

It's versatile, suitable for both formal and casual settings.

  • Can "in the interim" be shortened?

Not commonly, though "meantime" can be an alternative.

  • How does pop culture influence idioms like "in the interim"?

Pop culture often popularizes and refreshes the usage of idioms.

  • Can "in the interim" describe longer periods, like years?

Yes, it can describe any length of time between two events.

  • How is "in the interim" different from "in the meantime"?

They're synonymous, but "in the interim" often feels more temporary.

  • Are there songs titled "In the Interim"?

While not exceedingly common, some artists may use this phrase in their music.

  • How has the usage of "in the interim" evolved?

While its core meaning remains, its usage has become more versatile with time.

Final Thoughts About "In the Interim"

The phrase "in the interim" is useful when conveying the notion of a temporary period or a transitional phase. Whether you're waiting for a job promotion, pausing a project until a decision is made, or simply filling the gap between two activities, "in the interim" beautifully captures that transitional phase.

  • It captures the essence of waiting or transitional periods.
  • From literature to daily chats, it's a phrase that remains relevant.
  • The idiom's versatility, spanning both formal and casual settings, makes it timeless.

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