Check With You: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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July 19, 2023

The phrase "check with you" is about getting someone else's confirmation or approval. It's like saying, "Hey, I want to make sure we're on the same page," or "I need your okay before I move forward." You can use it in all kinds of scenarios, from everyday chats to business dealings.

In short:

  • When you say, "I'll check with you," you're letting the other person know you'll confirm something with them before going ahead.

What Does "Check with You" Mean?

The phrase "check with you" shows that you're looking to confirm or validate something with someone else. It's about getting permission, clarification, or making sure the facts are straight.

Let's break it down:

  • Check with you" shows that you want to ensure things are clear and accurate or that the other person agrees.
  • It highlights the value of understanding each other and respecting others' views or permissions when making decisions.
  • There are other ways to say “check with you,” like "confirming with you," "verifying with you," "consulting with you," or "getting your approval." They all mean pretty much the same thing: you're looking for a thumbs-up or confirmation from the other person

Where Does "Check with You" Come From?

The phrase "check with you" comes from the basic verb "check," which means to take a close look at something, to inspect, or make sure it's right. Throwing in the "with you" part puts the focus on getting the other person's take on things, their okay or making sure they agree. It shows that making decisions together and understanding each other is important.

Historical Example

"The purpose of this letter is to check with you on the territory which, on our records, has been assigned to you for sales operation."

- Violations of Free Speech and Assembly and Interference with Rights of Labor, 1936

10 Examples of "Check with You" in Sentences

For a more comprehensive understanding of this idiom's usage, let's see it in various contexts:

  • I need to check with you about our meeting agenda. Please ping me if you have the details.
  • I received a document with the label "dictated but not read;" I thought it best to double-check with you before forwarding it.
  • Let me check with you about your dietary preferences before ordering the meal.
  • I want to check with you if the printer is still out of service. Can you please confirm if it has been fixed or not?
  • He suggested that we check with you for the venue details.
  • Can I check with you later about your website experience? Are your log-ins working properly, or do you need any assistance?
  • I'll check with you regarding the changes and revert back to the client.
  • We should check with you on the financial implications before making the investment.
  • Before implementing the changes, we'll check with you for final approval.
  • I’ll check with you later to circle back on our discussion. Do you have any questions or comments for now?

Examples of "Check with You" in Pop Culture

You've probably heard the phrase "check with you" used in TV shows and movies. It's usually used to show a respectful request for confirmation or permission.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • In the 2019 film "Avengers: Endgame," the character Pepper Potts tells Tony Stark, "I'm gonna go check with you on something," indicating her intent to confirm something with him.
  • In the TV series "Breaking Bad," Walter White often says to Jesse Pinkman, "I need to check with you," reflecting the necessity of shared decision-making.
  • In the hit series "Friends," Chandler Bing often uses the phrase, "Can I check with you on that?" implying his intention to validate or clarify something with another character.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Check with You"

There are a bunch of other ways to get the same idea across as "check with you."

Here are a few examples:

  • Confirm with you
  • Consult with you
  • Verify with you
  • Validate with you
  • Seek your approval
  • Gain your input
  • Obtain your agreement
  • Double-check with you
  • Get your sign-off
  • Ask for your opinion

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Check with You":

  • What does "check with you" mean?

"Check with you" means to confirm or validate something with another person, seeking their agreement or opinion before proceeding.

  • How can I use "check with you" in a sentence?

You can use "check with you" to express the intent of confirming something with someone else, for example, "I need to check with you if you’re available for a call at a quarter to four."

  • Where does the phrase "check with you" come from?

The phrase "check with you" originates from the verb "check," which means to examine or verify. The addition of "with you" highlights the interactive nature of the process.

  • Can you use "check with you" in formal settings?

Yes, "check with you" can be used in both informal and formal contexts, signifying the need for validation, agreement, or confirmation.

  • Is "check with you" a polite phrase?

Yes, the phrase "check with you" is considered polite as it respects the other person's perspective, agreement, or advice before taking action.

  • Does "check with you" imply dependence?

No, "check with you" does not imply dependence. It simply signifies respect for another person's view, consent, or expertise.

  • Can I use "check with you" in written communication?

Yes, you can use "check with you" in written communication such as emails, letters, or text messages. It's an effective way to express the need for someone's input or approval.

  • Does "check with you" mean the same as "ask you"?

While similar, there's a slight difference. "Check with you" typically involves confirming or validating something, whereas "ask you" could be about obtaining new information or a request for action.

  • Can "check with you" be perceived as indecisiveness?

Not necessarily. While excessive use might suggest indecision, the phrase "check with you" generally conveys respect for another's opinion or a desire to gain consensus before making decisions.

  • Can "check with you" be used when dealing with superiors at work?

Yes, it's an excellent phrase to use in a professional setting, particularly with superiors or colleagues, as it demonstrates respect for their input or approval.

Final Thoughts About "Check with You"

"Check with you" is a handy phrase that highlights the importance of validation, getting everyone on the same page, and making decisions together. It's a polite and inclusive expression that works in all sorts of situations, whether it's a casual chat or a formal meeting.

Here's a quick recap:

  • "Check with you" is all about needing confirmation, agreement, or validation from someone else before proceeding.
  • You can use it in all sorts of settings, from casual chats to formal meetings or written communication.
  • Using this phrase doesn't make you seem indecisive. Instead, it shows you respect the other person's opinion or approval.

The phrase "check with you" is a testament to the value of shared decision-making and consensus-building in our daily interactions, reaffirming that our actions often have implications for others and should thus consider their input or approval.

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