As Per: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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November 18, 2023

The term "as per" is a handy way to show that something is being done according to a specific guideline, rule, or request. Usually seen in formal contexts, it's a way to say "as directed by" or "according to." You might hear it in work emails, legal documents, or even casual conversations when someone wants to be precise.

In short:

  • It's used to indicate something is in line with certain rules or requests.
  • Often seen in formal writing but also shows up in everyday talk for clarity.

What Does "As Per" Mean?

When you hear "as per," it's a sign that what's being discussed is in line with some set guidelines or conditions. It's a way of pointing out that actions or decisions follow a particular rule, request, or model. For example, you might say, "As per your request, I've finished the report" in a workplace email, or "As per the recipe, I added a teaspoon of salt" when you're cooking.

Let's break it down:

  • It points to following a set rule, guideline, or request.
  • You'll use the phrase to make it clear that you're sticking to the rules or guidelines.
  • The term is a go-to when you want to be clear and avoid mix-ups.
  • Though often found in formal contexts like work emails and contracts, it can pop up in day-to-day conversations for clarity.
  • Phrases like "in accordance with," "following," and "per your instruction" are similar in meaning.

Where Does "As Per" Come From?

The phrase "as per" originated around the year 1782 and is a combination of the words "as" and "per." It serves as a preposition and is used to indicate that something is in accordance with or according to a particular rule, guideline, or system. Despite its frequent use, some find it overly legalistic and avoid it. However, it is not incorrect and has been used to good effect in facetious mock-business English.

Historical Example

"Responsibility, for insufficiency in the exercise of his several functions, informative, indicative, and initiative, as per Section 3, Relation to Legislature."

- The Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Constitutional Code. 9, 1843

10 Examples of "As Per" in Sentences

Let's look at how people use "as per" in different situations to get the idea:

  • As per the recipe, she added two cups of flour to the mix.
  • He cleaned his room as per his mom's instructions.
  • The team decided not to back down from the challenge, as per the coach's advice.
  • Our team will report on the recent updates as per the guidelines set by the management.
  • As per the schedule, the meeting starts at 10 a.m.
  • As per the emergency protocols, the captain is responsible for abandoning the ship only as a last resort.
  • After a long day, as per his tradition, he enjoyed a wee dram of whiskey.
  • As per the manual, he checked the oil level in his car.
  • She filled out the form as per the guidelines.
  • Staying the course and completing this project as per the original timeline shows our team's dedication and resilience.

Examples of "As Per" in Pop Culture

Here are some examples from pop culture:

  • An article on Language, gender, and patriarchy in Mulan discusses how women "must be silent … invisible" "as per Example 3." The article analyzes gender roles in the Disney movie Mulan.
  • The blog post What You Can and Can't Legally Use In Your Fiction Book states that "as per the Supreme Court," certain images can't be copyrighted. The post provides legal advice for authors.
  • In a research paper titled Memory and Perception of Brand Mentions and Placement of Brands in Songs, the authors discuss how "as per our present study," low-involved products get more mileage from placements in American rap songs.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "As Per"

If you're looking for some simpler phrases, here are some other ways to say "as per":

  • According to
  • Based on
  • By way of
  • In line with
  • Following
  • As said by
  • Per
  • Just like
  • Going by
  • In keeping with

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "As Per":

  • What does "as per" mean?

"As per" is a phrase used to indicate that something is being done according to a certain rule, request, or guideline. It's a way of saying "according to" or "in accordance with."

  • How can I use "as per" in a sentence?

You can use "as per" to show that an action or decision is based on specific guidelines or instructions. For example: "As per company policy, employees must wear badges" or "As per the teacher's instructions, the students formed groups."

  • Is "as per" formal or informal?

"As per" is often seen as a bit more formal and is commonly used in written documents like emails, contracts, or policies. But you can also hear it in casual conversations.

  • Is it only used in professional settings?

No, "as per" can be used in a variety of situations, not just professional ones. You might hear someone say, "As per usual, she was late to the party," in a more casual setting.

  • Is it a global term?

Yes, "as per" is understood in many English-speaking countries, although the usage may vary slightly from place to place.

  • How does "as per" differ from "according to"?

While both phrases can often be used interchangeably, "as per" is often seen as more formal. "According to" is more common in everyday speech.

  • Can "as per" be used to describe future events?

Yes, "as per" can be used to describe future actions that will follow certain guidelines or plans. For example: "As per the schedule, the meeting will start at 3 p.m. tomorrow."

  • Is it always followed by a noun?

Mostly, yes. "As per" usually precedes a noun or noun phrase that specifies the rule or guideline being followed. For example: "As per the manual, turn off the machine before cleaning."

  • Is it interchangeable with "per"?

Generally, "per" can be used in place of "as per," but it might make the statement sound less formal. For example, "Per your request, I have updated the document" is similar in meaning to "As per your request, I have updated the document."

  • Can it be used in legal contexts?

Yes, "as per" is often found in legal documents to denote compliance with specific laws or regulations. It indicates that actions are in line with legal requirements.

Final Thoughts About "As Per"

The phrase "as per" is a useful way to express that something is in accordance with a particular rule, guideline, or wish. It's a versatile term that's at home in both formal and casual settings.

Here's a quick recap:

  • It's commonly used to show compliance with rules or guidelines.
  • It can be formal but is also found in everyday language.
  • The phrase is usually followed by a noun or noun phrase.
  • "As per" is understood globally and can be used in various contexts, including legal ones.

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