Tweeked: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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October 4, 2023

1. Tweeked (slang, adjective): Being under the influence of stimulant drugs, characterized by heightened alertness, energy, and sometimes paranoia or agitation.
2. Tweeked (slang, adjective): Being intoxicated by alcohol.

The term "tweeked" in slang primarily refers to a state of intoxication, either from stimulant drugs or alcohol. Recognizing the differences in the manifestations of these types of intoxication is crucial for understanding the varied contexts in which "tweeked" is used.

"Tweeked" Definition: What Does "Tweeked" Mean?

The term "tweaked" is informal slang not typically found in medical or official documents. It's primarily used in casual conversations, especially among younger demographics. Let's explore its meanings:

  • Stimulant-Related Usage: In some contexts, when someone says they are "tweaked," they are describing the effects of stimulants. Such a state is marked by heightened alertness, increased energy, and, occasionally, symptoms of paranoia or agitation. Drugs often linked to this state include methamphetamine and cocaine.
  • Alcohol-Related Usage: Interestingly, "tweaked" can also refer to a state of alcohol intoxication. In this sense, the term captures the familiar symptoms of inebriation: impaired judgment, compromised coordination, and behavioral changes.

Parts of Speech

The term "tweeked" is used as an adjective in slang. It describes a state or condition of intoxication from either stimulant drugs or alcohol.

How to Pronounce "Tweeked"?

The initial part, "twee," sounds like the word "tree" without the "r" and rhymes with "knee." It has a long "ee" sound, represented by the phonetic symbol /i:/. The ending "ked" is pronounced quickly and softly, sounding similar to "kt." When saying the word, it's essential to emphasize the "ee" sound and smoothly transition to the "ked" ending.

Phonetic Pronunciation: twiːkt

Synonyms of "Tweeked": Other Ways to Say "Tweeked"

The slang term "tweeked" has a few synonyms based on the type of intoxication it refers to.

  • Wired (for stimulant intoxication)
  • High (can refer to both stimulant and alcohol intoxication)
  • Drunk (specifically for alcohol intoxication)
  • Buzzed (often used for mild alcohol intoxication)
  • Stoned (can sometimes be used interchangeably, though typically associated with marijuana)

Antonyms of "Tweeked": Other Ways to Say "Tweeked"

Antonyms of "tweeked" would generally refer to states of sobriety or clarity.

  • Sober
  • Clear-headed
  • Unimpaired

Examples of "Tweeked" in a Sentence

The use of "tweeked" in sentences often revolves around its meaning of intoxication.

Here are ten sentences that demonstrate its usage in context:

1. Even when tweeked, he didn't bat an eye at the sudden noise.
2. He blacked out after getting tweeked, remembering nothing from the night before.
3. I could tell he was tweeked from the way he was talking nonstop.
4. The concert was wild; half the crowd seemed tweeked.
5. It's dangerous to drive when you're tweeked; you should call a cab.
6. She tried to play dumb, but everyone could tell she was tweeked from her erratic behavior.
7. The club was full of tweeked-out party-goers dancing the night away.
8. She was so tweeked she couldn't remember what had happened the previous night.
9. Some people use coffee to get tweeked and stay alert during long work hours.
10. After getting tweeked once and facing the consequences, he became a case of "once bitten, twice shy."

Frequency of Use

The term "tweeked" is slang and, thus, is more commonly used in informal settings or specific subcultures, especially those familiar with drug or alcohol contexts. Its usage might be more prevalent in certain demographics, especially among younger populations or in nightlife scenarios. As with many slang terms, its popularity can vary over time and across regions.

Variants of "Tweeked"

"Tweeked" is primarily used in slang, and while its core meaning revolves around a state of intoxication, its spelling can sometimes vary. However, the word's essence remains largely consistent.

1. Tweaked: Although typically meaning to adjust slightly, in slang, it can sometimes be used interchangeably with "tweeked."
2. Tweak: The verb form, which can imply the act of getting intoxicated or the action of adjusting something slightly.

Related Terms to "Tweeked"

Several terms are closely associated with "tweeked," especially within the context of drug or alcohol consumption and its effects.

1. High
2. Intoxicated
3. Buzzed
4. Stoned
5. Drunk
6. Wasted
7. Blitzed
8. Hammered

Etymology: History and Origins of "Tweeked"

The slang term "tweeked" likely evolved from the word "tweak," which in standard English means to adjust slightly or make small changes. In drug subcultures, "tweeked" and "tweak" began to describe the effects of certain substances, especially stimulants like methamphetamine. Its transition into slang for alcohol intoxication likely arose from the broader application of the term to describe altered states.

Derivatives and Compounds of "Tweeked"

While "tweeked" is primarily slang, some derivatives and compounds can be related to its meanings or its root word, "tweak."

1. Tweeker: A person who frequently gets "tweeked," especially in the context of stimulant drug use.
2. Tweeking: The act or process of getting "tweeked." It can refer to the experience of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Common Misspellings of "Tweeked"

Given its slang nature and phonetic spelling, "tweeked" can often be misspelled. Ensuring the correct spelling is essential for clear communication.

Here are some common misspellings of "tweeked":

1. Twiked
2. Twicked
3. Tweecked

10 Idioms Similar to "Tweeked"

While "tweeked" itself isn't traditionally used in idioms, various idiomatic expressions related to intoxication or altered states capture a similar essence.

1. On cloud nine
2. Three sheets to the wind
3. Feeling no pain
4. Under the influence
5. Off the wagon
6. Lit up like a Christmas tree
7. In high spirits
8. Over the limit
9. Blotto
10. In one's cups

10 Common Questions About "Tweeked"

The term "tweeked," with its slang origins and varied contexts, often sparks questions and curiosities. Addressing these inquiries can provide clarity about their meanings and applications.

1. What does it mean to be "tweeked" on drugs?

Being "tweeked" on drugs usually means being under the influence of stimulants, leading to heightened alertness and energy.

2. How does being "tweeked" on alcohol feel?

It refers to a state of alcohol intoxication, often characterized by impaired judgment and altered behavior.

3. Is "tweeked" a negative term?

It's often used neutrally to describe a state, but context matters. In some settings, it can carry negative connotations related to substance abuse.

4. How did "tweeked" come to describe alcohol intoxication?

The term likely evolved from its drug-related meaning to a broader application describing altered states, including alcohol intoxication.

5. Are "tweeked" and "tweaked" the same?

While they can sometimes be used interchangeably in slang, "tweaked" generally means to adjust slightly, whereas "tweeked" often refers to intoxication.

6. Is "tweeked" a formal term?

No, it's primarily slang and might not be understood in formal contexts.

7. Can "tweeked" be used to describe caffeine effects?

While not its primary usage, in some contexts, it might be humorously or colloquially used to describe excessive caffeine consumption.

8. How prevalent is the term "tweeked"?

Its usage might vary by region or demographic, but it's relatively well-understood in substance use or intoxication contexts.

9. Is it dangerous to be "tweeked"?

Being "tweeked" from substances can pose risks, including impaired judgment or health concerns. It's essential to be cautious and aware of one's limits.

10. How can one tell if someone is "tweeked"?

Signs might include altered behavior, heightened energy or alertness, impaired coordination, or mood changes, but avoiding making assumptions is essential.


"Tweeked" is a slang term primarily denoting a state of intoxication, either from stimulant drugs or alcohol. Its varied meanings and contexts make it a versatile yet informal word. It's useful to understand "tweeked" and its nuances to discuss intoxication or altered states in an informal setting. Dive deeper into our definitions to explore more slang terms and expand your vocabulary.

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