So Do We: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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November 8, 2023

The expression "so do we" affirms that the speaker and their group share the same sentiment, action, or position as another person or group. It's like saying, "We feel the same way," or "We are in agreement." This phrase often shows commonality or solidarity in various contexts, from personal conversations to public declarations.

In short:

"So do we" is an idiom used to express agreement or similarity in opinion or action with someone else.

What Does "So Do We" Mean?

When someone says "so do we," they usually agree with a previous statement made by another person. It's a way of showing similarity or common ground. Here's a closer look at the idiom:

  • The idiom primarily indicates agreement with a previous statement. For example, if someone says, "We love pizza," a reply could be, "So do we."
  • It can be used with various pronouns, such as "So do I" or "So does he."

This idiom is a compact way to share sentiments without repeating the original statement.

Where Does "So Do We" Come From?

The exact origin of the idiom is a bit elusive. However, the structure of the phrase has its roots in the English language's way of agreeing.

Historical Usage

"The nation desires that all real impediments to the advancement of manufactures should be removed; and so do we". - The Church of England Quarterly Review Volume 11 (1842).

10 Examples of "So Do We" in Sentences

Here are ten sentences that demonstrate the phrase's versatility:

  • They offered a discount in exchange for a review, as do we with our new products.
  • "Our team supports the new proposal." "Well, so does ours."
  • You believe in sustainable living, and so do we.
  • She has a ticket for the concert, and so do I.
  • "Our company gives back to the community." "That's great; so does ours!"
  • John has a keen interest in robotics, and so does Mike.
  • Many experts agree with the research findings, and so do we.
  • They are voting for the new policy, and so are we.
  • "She appreciates classical music." "Interesting, so does he."
  • The neighbors have adopted a pet, and so have we.

Examples of "So Do We" in Pop Culture

The phrase has made its way into pop culture, showcasing its importance and relevance. Here are a few examples:

  • In the TV show Friends, the characters often use the phrase to agree with each other's quirks and preferences.
  • In The Breakfast Club, the characters find common ground by saying phrases like "so do we" to show they relate to each other despite their differences.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "So Do We"

There are several ways to convey the sentiment. Here's a list of alternatives:

  • We feel the same way
  • We agree
  • We share that view
  • Likewise for us
  • We're on the same page
  • We think similarly
  • Same, same

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "So Do We"

  • What does the idiom "so do we" mean?

The idiom "so do we" expresses agreement or shared circumstances with someone's prior statement.

  • What are the origins of the idiom "so do we"?

While the exact origins of "so do we" are unclear, it has been a common phrase in English for centuries, often used for affirming similarities or shared sentiments.

  • Is "so do we" used in formal contexts?

Yes, the phrase can be used in formal and informal contexts, depending on the structure and tone of the conversation.

  • Are there other idioms similar to "so do we"?

Yes, phrases like "so do I," "me too," or "as do I" convey a similar meaning of agreement or shared sentiment.

  • How is the idiom used in different cultures?

Its usage and nuance might vary across cultures, but many languages have their own versions of agreeing or shared circumstances.

  • Can "so do we" be used sarcastically?

Like many idioms, "so do we" can be used sarcastically, depending on the tone and context in which it's used.

  • What is the difference between "so do we" and "so are we"?

"So do we" is often used in the context of actions or feelings, while "so are we" typically relates to states of being or conditions.

  • Is the phrase common in literature or film?

Yes, "so do we" can be found in various literary works and films, usually to express agreement or shared feelings between characters.

  • How has the use of this phrase evolved?

The core meaning has remained consistent, but its frequency and contexts of use might have changed with evolving language trends.

  • Can "so do we" be used in a negative context?

Yes, it can be used to agree with negative statements, such as "They don't like it," followed by "So do we."

Final Thoughts About "So Do We"

"So do we" is a relatable expression signaling agreement or shared perspective. Whether you're at a business meeting nodding to a colleague's insight, in a conversation with friends echoing a sentiment, or reading a thought-provoking article, the phrase is a simple yet powerful way to say, "We feel the same."

Here's a quick wrap-up:

  • It expresses agreement or shared circumstances with someone's prior statement.
  • It has been a part of the English language for centuries.
  • This can be found in both formal and informal contexts.

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