Sent It Across: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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February 4, 2024

The phrase "sent it across" is commonly used to indicate the action of transmitting or transferring something from one person or place to another. It often refers to sending information, documents, or items through various means such as email, mail, messaging, or even physical delivery.

In short:

  • It means to transfer or transmit something to someone else.
  • Often used in the context of sending information, documents, or items.

What Does "Sent It Across" Mean?

The phrase "sent it across" means delivering or transferring something from one entity to another. This can be in digital communication, such as sending an email or file, or physical delivery, like mailing a package. For example, in a business setting, an employee might say, "I've sent the report across to the client," meaning they have emailed or delivered the report.

More about the phrase's meaning:

  • It indicates the completion of the act of sending or delivering something.
  • The phrase can be used in various professional and personal communication contexts.
  • It implies that the recipient is at a different location, either physically or virtually.

Where Does "Sent It Across" Come From?

The phrase "sent it across" derives from the basic concept of sending something from one place to another. The use of "across" suggests a movement from one point to another, emphasizing the action of transferring. It's a phrase that has evolved with the development of different modes of communication, adapting to contexts ranging from physical mail to digital communication.

10 Examples of "Sent It Across" in Sentences

Here are some examples to demonstrate how this phrase is commonly used:

  • As soon as I finished the presentation, I sent it across to my manager for review.
  • She sent the parcel across to her friend's house as a surprise gift.
  • Round out your order, and I'll send it across right away.
  • After sending it across, I set the price at a steal, knowing it would be snatched up quickly.
  • He sent the photographs across to the magazine editor for publication.
  • Once the order was ready, the company sent it across to the customer via courier.
  • My intuition led me to believe something was amiss, so I sent it across for further analysis.
  • The coordinator sent the meeting agenda across to all participants the day before.
  • Ping me when you're ready, and I'll send it across in a flash.
  • I sent it across to the wrong email address, and lo and behold, it was my boss.

Examples of "Sent It Across" in Pop Culture

While this phrase may not be prominently featured in pop culture, it's commonly used in everyday communication, including in movies, TV shows, and books, to depict the action of sending or transmitting something.

Examples could include:

  • A quote from the book The Quest of Thirteen by John DeFelippis is: "...sent across with the younger warriors, but ne grudgingly needed Silex's orders."
  • A quote from the book Gold from Seven Cities by Clovis McCallister: "The bishops did not know how those of the olden times would have been sent across the ocean to new lands, but they knew after continued uprising after the destruction of Jerusalem."

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "Sent It Across"

Alternative phrases that express a similar idea include:

  • Dispatched
  • Transmitted
  • Forwarded
  • Mailed
  • Delivered
  • Passed on
  • Emailed
  • Shipped
  • Transferred
  • Conveyed

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Sent It Across":

  • Can "sent it across" refer to digital communication?

Yes, it's often used to refer to sending emails, files, or messages digitally.

  • Is the phrase "sent it across" formal or informal?

It's a moderately formal phrase and can be used in both professional and casual contexts.

  • Does "sent it across" always imply successful delivery?

It implies that the sender has completed the act of sending, but not necessarily that the item has been successfully received.

  • Can the phrase be used for physical mail?

Yes, it can be used for sending physical items like mail or packages.

  • Is "sent it across" a common phrase in business communication?

Yes, it's quite common in business for referring to the transfer of documents, information, or items.

  • Can this phrase be used in an educational context?

Yes, for example, a teacher might use it to refer to sending materials or information to students.

  • Does the phrase have any specific origin?

It originates from the general concept of sending something from one place to another, with "across" emphasizing the act of transfer.

  • Can "sent it across" be used in legal documents?

It can be used, but more formal terms might be preferred in legal contexts.

  • Is the phrase used internationally or more in specific regions?

It is used internationally, especially in English-speaking regions.

  • Can the phrase apply to sending information within the same physical space?

Yes, though it's more commonly used to imply transfer over a distance or through digital means.

Final Thoughts About "Sent It Across"

The phrase "sent it across" is a straightforward yet versatile expression used in various contexts to denote the act of sending or transferring something from one place or person to another. It reflects the myriad ways in which information, items, and communication are exchanged in modern society.

To recap:

  • It is widely used to describe the action of delivering or transmitting something.
  • The phrase is adaptable to both digital and physical forms of communication.
  • It's applicable in diverse contexts, from personal to professional communication.

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