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July 14, 2023

"No diggity" is a pop culture phrase that signifies approval, agreement, or affirmation. It's an affirmation that something is cool, legitimate, or acceptable.

In short:

"The idiom "No diggity" essentially means strong affirmation, approval, or agreement. It's like saying, "Absolutely!" or "Without a doubt!".

What Does "No Diggity" Mean?

The idiom "no diggity" has found its way into the English language through popular culture, specifically through music. It's a phrase that might seem unique at first glance. Still, once you understand the context and usage, it can be intriguing and adds flavor to conversation or text. The idiom "no diggity" generally means no doubt or undoubtedly. In other words, it reflects a high degree of certainty about something. 

  • It is often used to express agreement or signify something is impressive or beyond doubt.
  • The phrase can be employed in various contexts, ranging from casual conversations to song lyrics.
  • The term carries a calm, relaxed tone, typically associated with youth slang or hip-hop culture.

Where Does "No Diggity" Come From?

"No diggity" is a slang phrase that emerged in the African American community, becoming popularized mainly during the late 20th century. The idiom means "no doubt" or "for sure," it was primarily used to express complete agreement or affirmation. The phrase gained widespread recognition with its use as a song title by the American R&B group Blackstreet in 1996. Their Grammy-winning single, "no diggity," featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen, significantly brought this phrase into mainstream vocabulary.

Historical Example

"I like the way you work it; no diggity, I got to bag it up."

-No Diggity, by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen, 1996

10 Examples of "No Diggity" in Sentences

Let's dive into some examples of how "no diggity" can be used in different contexts:.`

  • He struts around confidently, rockin' the latest fashion trends and dropping knowledge like no other he's got no diggity, and he's always in the know.
  • No diggity, this is the best pizza in town.
  • When it comes to your fantastic cooking skills, no diggity; I would love some seconds, thirds, and fourths! Yes, please!
  • No diggity, this is the most thrilling movie of the year.
  • She aced the test, no diggity.
  • No diggity, he is the most talented artist I've ever seen.
  • I told my friend to hop off when he criticized my singing skills, but he couldn't resist joining in and singing along to no diggity with me.
  • No diggity, this is the best concert I've ever been to.
  • That party was lit, no diggity.
  • She tackled her daily grind with no diggity, ensuring every task was completed with utmost determination and enthusiasm.

Examples of "No Diggity" in Pop Culture

The phrase "No Diggity" often appears in popular culture, particularly in music and film:

  • The song "No diggity" by Blackstreet is a prime example.
  • In 2012, the film "Pitch Perfect" featured a popular cover of the song "No diggity."
  • Ed Sheeran performed a cover of "No diggity" on his live shows.
  • Chet Faker also covered "No diggity" in a slower, more soulful style.
  • The phrase appears in the lyrics of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's song "Thrift Shop."
  • It was used in the Netflix series "Ginny & Georgia" by the character Marcus.
  • In a scene from Deadpool 2, Deadpool humorously remarks, "Maximum effort, no diggity! "before engaging in a fight sequence.
  • In the viral video "Evolution of Dance," Judson Laipply shouts, "No diggity! "while performing a dance routine to various music genres.
  • In the TV show How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson declares, "No diggity "as he confidently approaches women at a bar.
  • In an episode of Friends, Joey Tribbiani exclaims, "No diggity! "when he successfully impresses a woman with his charm.
  • In the movie Pitch Perfect, Fat Amy confidently says, "No diggity! "after delivering an impressive performance.
  • In the song "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, they rap, "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket, no diggity. "

Other Ways to Say "No Diggity"

Several alternative expressions convey a similar meaning to "no diggity."

Some of these include:

  • Absolutely
  • For sure
  • Without a doubt, the phrase "No guts, no glory” rings true.
  • Undoubtedly
  • Certainly
  • Without question
  • Absolutely, let it be.
  • Indeed
  • Assuredly tuning in
  • Unquestionably

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "No Diggity"

  • What does "no diggity" mean?

The phrase "no diggity" is a slang term used to show agreement, approval, or affirmation.

  • Where did the phrase "no diggity" originate?

The phrase gained popularity from the 1996 song "no diggity" by Blackstreet.

  • Is "no diggity" still used today?

Yes, while it's not as common as it once was, it's still recognized and used, particularly in reference to pop culture.

  • Is "no diggity" formal or informal language?

It's considered informal language, associated more with colloquial or conversational contexts.

  • Can "no diggity" be used in any context?

While it can be used in various contexts, it's most fitting in casual conversations or artistic expressions, like song lyrics.

  • What is the significance of the song "no diggity"?

Aside from being a hit song, "no diggity" is often credited for popularizing the phrase in pop culture.

  • Are there any popular covers of the song "no diggity"?

Yes, artists like Ed Sheeran and Chet Faker have covered the song, contributing to its enduring popularity.

  • Can "no diggity" be replaced with other phrases?

Yes, phrases like "definitely", "for sure", and "without question" can be used as substitutes.

  • Is "no diggity" considered outdated slang?

While it might not be as prevalent as it once was, "no diggity" remains recognized and relevant, particularly in certain cultural or artistic contexts.

  • Why is "no diggity" associated with coolness?

Its association with coolness primarily comes from its use in music, particularly hip hop and R&B, genres often linked with youth culture and "coolness".

Final Thoughts About "No Diggity"

The idiom "no diggity," while not as prevalent as some idioms, holds a unique place in pop culture and language. Its origins and significance lie predominantly in music, particularly hip-hop culture, and its usage conveys a sense of coolness and affirmation.

Key aspects of the phrase "no diggity":

  • "No diggity" is a term of agreement or approval, often associated with coolness or excellence.
  • It originated from the song "no diggity" by Blackstreet and has since been adopted into everyday language.
  • The phrase is still recognized and used today, particularly in pop culture references and online communication.

The phrase "no diggity" is a prime example of how cultural expression, particularly music, can influence language and create enduring, meaningful idioms. It's yet another testament to language's dynamic, fascinating nature and its interconnection with our culture and daily lives.

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