Final Call: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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September 21, 2023

The expression "final call" signifies the last opportunity or reminder to undertake a particular action. It's a declaration that time or chances are running out and that any further delays could result in missing out. The phrase is widely recognized in transportation, especially in airlines, but has found relevance in many other areas, from sales to events, emphasizing urgency.

In short:

"Final call" refers to the last opportunity or chance to do something.

What Does "Final Call" Mean?

The idiom "final call" often signifies the last chance or opportunity for a particular action or decision. It suggests that the chance will be gone forever if action isn't taken during this window. Let's break down its meanings:

Let's dive into its core meanings and usage:

  • The last opportunity or reminder to do something is often used in contexts like events or sales.
  • In transportation, especially airlines, it's a reminder for passengers that it's their last chance to board.
  • In a broader sense, it can denote the last moments before a significant change or event.

While the phrase generally carries an urgent tone, the context can vary from casual to serious.

Where Does "Final Call" Come From?

Interestingly, the origin of "final call" is deeply intertwined with the transportation and entertainment sectors.


“Final call for Flight BA123 to London. All passengers should be boarded.”

Such announcements became a regular fixture in airports as commercial aviation took off in the 20th century. The term was used to ensure passengers were alerted to the urgency of boarding to avoid delays.


“Final call for actors! The show is about to begin.”

In the theater world, a "call" is an announcement for actors to prepare for their entrance. The "final call" would be the last reminder before the curtain rises.

10 Examples of "Final Call" in Sentences

Let's see how "final call" can be used in different contexts:

  • This is the final call for your paper submission, as per my last email.
  • It's the final call for all students to submit their projects; no extensions will be granted.
  • This is the final call for contributions. For those who've already pitched in, I really appreciate it.
  • During the emergency, residents received a final call to evacuate their homes.
  • The product is at a set price, and today is the final call for the promotional discount.
  • The final call for dinner reservations is at 9:00 PM.
  • It's been a week since we announced the conference, and today marks the final call for registrations.
  • We've received the final call for manuscript submissions for this year's journal.
  • This is your final call for the audition. Know that we all believe in you and know you can do it!
  • They made a final call to all the runners to get to the starting line.

Examples of "Final Call" in Pop Culture

This phrase has also found its way into pop culture, symbolizing urgency and quick action.

  • In the movie Flight, Denzel Washington's character hears the "final call" for boarding while at a bar.
  • The song "Last Call" by Kanye West metaphorically refers to the artist's last chance to make it in the music industry.
  • In the popular TV series Airport, "final call" is frequently used during boarding scenes.
  • The drama Final Call delves into the lives of flight attendants and their challenges.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Final Call"

Depending on the context, some synonyms or related phrases to "final call" might include:

  • Last chance
  • Last reminder
  • Final notice
  • Ultimatum
  • Last opportunity

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Final Call":

  • What does "final call" mean in aviation?

In aviation, "final call" refers to the last announcement for passengers to board their flight. It signifies that the gate will close soon.

  • Is "final call" used only in transportation?

No, while it's common in transportation, the term can be used in various contexts to denote the last opportunity for something.

  • What's the origin of the "final call"?

The idiom is believed to have its roots in both the transportation and theater sectors.

  • Is there a movie named "Final Call"?

Yes, there are movies and series with similar titles that use the theme of a "final opportunity" or event.

  • Can "final call" be used in day-to-day conversations?

Absolutely, especially when emphasizing the last chance for any given situation.

  • Is "final bell" synonymous with "final call"?

Not necessarily. While "final bell" could denote the end of something (like a trading day), it doesn't always carry the same urgency as "final call".

  • What's the difference between "last call" and "final call"?

Both can be used interchangeably, but "final call" often carries a slightly more formal or urgent tone.

  • Is "final call" ever used in sales or promotions?

Yes, it's often used to indicate the end of a sale, urging customers to make their purchases before the promotion ends.

  • How should I respond to a "final call" at an airport?

Immediately proceed to your gate! It means the plane is about to depart.

  • Are there songs that feature the phrase "final call"?

Yes, several songs use the phrase, either in their title or lyrics, often to convey a sense of urgency or finality.

Final Thoughts About "Final Call"

The phrase "final call" indicates the last opportunity or moment for action. Whether you're at the airport catching a flight, at an auction about to make a bid, or wrapping up a meeting, a "final call" conveys the sense of urgency and the impending closure of a window of opportunity.

Here's a quick wrap-up:

  • It serves as an alert for the last opportunity.
  • Its origins span from transportation to the arts.
  • Used both formally and informally, the phrase is versatile in its applications.

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