Discuss It With: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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January 12, 2024

The phrase "discuss it with" is commonly used to indicate the intention or action of talking about a topic, issue, or idea with someone else. It implies a two-way communication where both parties share their thoughts, opinions, or information. This phrase can be used in various contexts, from casual conversations to formal meetings.

In short:

  • It refers to having a conversation about something with someone.
  • It is often used to seek advice, share ideas, or make decisions collaboratively.

What Does "Discuss It With" Mean?

The phrase "discuss it with" suggests having a conversation or dialogue about a specific topic with another person or group. It's often used when you want to explore an idea, seek advice, or make a decision together. For instance, if someone says, "Let's discuss it with the team," they are suggesting that the team should talk about the issue and share their views. It's a collaborative approach to communication, encouraging input and perspective from all involved.

More about the phrase's meaning:

  • It suggests an exchange of ideas or information on a particular subject.
  • Used when input or collaboration from others is desired.
  • This phrase can be applied in both personal and professional settings.
  • It is helpful in problem-solving, decision-making, and brainstorming contexts.
  • Similar phrases include "talk about it with," "go over it with," and "converse about it with."

Where Does "Discuss It With" Come From?

The term "discuss it with" originates from the verb "discuss," which has an intriguing etymology. "Discuss" traces back to the Latin word "discutere," meaning "to dash to pieces, shake apart, scatter." This word is a compound of "dis-" (apart) and "quatere" (to shake). The meaning of "discuss" in Latin later became "to examine, investigate, discuss," aligning more closely with its modern usage.

In English, "discuss" started being used in the early 15th century, primarily in the sense of "examine by argument, debate," a meaning that echoes its Latin roots. The phrase "discuss it with" captures this notion of examination or debate, indicating a process of talking over or considering a matter with someone. This shift demonstrates a transition from a literal sense of shaking or scattering to a figurative sense of intellectually breaking down or analyzing a topic through conversation.

10 Examples of "Discuss It With" in Sentences

To understand how this phrase is used in various situations, let's look at some examples:

  • Before making a decision, she wanted to discuss it with her family.
  • He had some concerns about the project, so he decided to discuss it with his manager.
  • She found an interesting article and couldn't wait to discuss it with her friends.
  • After reviewing the contract, he chose to discuss it with his lawyer.
  • On one hand, the proposal seems beneficial, but I need to discuss it with my team to get their perspective.
  • Before buying the house, the couple wanted to discuss it with a financial advisor.
  • Before making any decisions, I want to discuss it with you to see how these changes fit with our overall strategy.
  • I plan to keep it light and fun when I discuss it with her, focusing on the positive aspects of the project.
  • If we can steal away a few hours after lunch, I'd like to discuss it with you in detail and get your insights.
  • Before I pack my bag for the trip, I need to discuss it with my manager to ensure all responsibilities are covered in my absence.

Examples of "Discuss It With" in Pop Culture

This phrase is also common in pop culture, often showing up in scenarios where characters need to consult or deliberate with others.

Let's look at some examples:

  • The movie "A Fistful of Dollars" features a line by Ramon Rojo: "Maybe you should discuss it with your wife. I don't think she'll be too happy!" This line is part of a classic Western film directed by Sergio Leone.
  • A news article on Pew Research discusses how about four in ten U.S. adults follow news about George Floyd protests very closely and discuss it with others. This article highlights the significant impact of these protests on public discourse in the United States.
  • In the news article titled “Nina has twice faced down death. But she still can’t discuss it with her kids,” the article discusses the difficulty of discussing end-of-life plans.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "Discuss It With

Here are some alternative phrases that express the same idea:

  • Talk about it with
  • Go over it with
  • Converse about it with
  • Consult with
  • Review it with
  • Debate it with
  • Deliberate it with
  • Examine it with
  • Share it with
  • Speak about it with

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Discuss It With":

  • What does "discuss it with" mean?

"Discuss it with" means to have a conversation about something with someone, where both parties share their thoughts or information.

  • Can "discuss it with" be used in both personal and professional contexts?

Yes, it can be used in a variety of settings, including both personal and professional situations.

  • Is "discuss it with" similar to "talk about it with"?

Yes, both phrases imply having a conversation with someone about a specific topic.

  • When should you use "discuss it with" instead of resolving something on your own?

You should use it when the issue requires input, advice, or consensus from others, or when it directly involves someone else.

  • Can "discuss it with" be used for sensitive topics?

Yes, it is often used to approach sensitive topics, but it requires choosing the right person and setting to do so.

  • Does "discuss it with" imply a formal meeting?

Not necessarily. The formality depends on the context and the people involved. It can range from a casual chat to a formal meeting.

  • Is "discuss it with" appropriate for making decisions?

Yes, it is often used when decisions need to be made, especially those that benefit from collaborative input.

  • Can "discuss it with" lead to better outcomes?

Yes, discussing issues with others can lead to more perspectives and potentially better outcomes.

  • How do you approach someone to "discuss it with" them?

Approach them respectfully and clearly state the topic you want to discuss, ensuring it's a suitable time for them.

  • Can "discuss it with" be a step in conflict resolution?

Yes, it is often a crucial step in resolving conflicts by allowing all parties to express their views and find common ground.

Final Thoughts About "Discuss It With"

The phrase "discuss it with" is an essential part of effective communication in various aspects of life. It encourages collaborative problem-solving, decision-making, and the sharing of ideas and opinions.

To recap:

  • It is ideal for collaborative communication and decision-making.
  • It can be used in both casual and formal settings.
  • Effective for addressing both everyday and sensitive topics.
  • Encourages the sharing of perspectives, enhancing understanding and outcomes.

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