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May 25, 2023

The idiom "check on me" is a widely used English phrase that essentially means to look after or monitor someone's well-being or progress. It's a call to ensure someone's safety, health, or status, often from a position of care, concern, or responsibility. From an early morning call to a friend living alone to a supervisor checking on an employee's progress on a project, this idiom finds its usage in a variety of scenarios in day-to-day life.

In short:

"Check on me" is an idiom that means to look after or monitor someone's well-being or progress.

What Does "Check on Me" Mean?

The idiom "check on me" requests someone to ensure your well-being or progress. It suggests a sense of care, concern, or responsibility for the person supposed to "check."

  • It can indicate a need for regular or periodic updates or information.
  • It can represent a call for help or attention, particularly in distress or difficulty.
  • It can refer to examining, verifying, or reviewing something or someone.

Variations of this idiom include "check up on me" and "check in on me." These phrases carry the same general meaning as the original. However, "check up on me" often implies a more thorough or detailed check, and "check in on me" suggests a more casual, less formal check.

Where Does "Check on Me" Come From?

The idiom "check on me" originates from the verb "check," which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, has been used in English since the 14th century to mean "to examine or inspect."

Historical Examples

"The kyng of Fraunce..thoght to chek the kyng of Englond."

—The Chronicles of England," written in 1480

"He took out his pocket-book, and began to check off from little printed lists in that book."

—Charles Dickens's "Bleak House" (1852-1853)

10 Examples of "Check on Me" in Sentences

Here are ten examples demonstrating the usage of the idiom "check on me" in various contexts:

  • "Hey, could you please check on me later to see if I've finished my homework?"
  • Could you check on me later to see if I'm doing this right?
  • Before you embark on your adventure, please have a safe journey, and remember to check on me along the way.
  • She asked her friends to check on her after the surgery.
  • I told my brother to check on me if I fell asleep studying.
  • My manager is constantly checking on me to ensure I meet my deadlines.
  • I appreciate your support and hope you'll continue to check on me in my future endeavors.
  • During her trip, her parents checked on her regularly.
  • The nurse comes to check on me every few hours.
  • I embarked on a risky solo adventure to climb the treacherous mountain peak, hoping someone would check on me because, you know, no guts, no glory.

Examples of "Check on Me" in Pop Culture

"Check on Me" has appeared in various pop culture contexts, including song lyrics, movies, and television shows. Here are eight examples:

  • In the song "Check on It" by Beyoncé, the phrase " check on me" is used in a more flirtatious context.
  • In the movie "Home Alone," the character Kevin McCallister says, "Just check on me in the morning," to his mom.
  • In the TV show "Friends," Ross tells his sister Monica to " check on him" when feeling down.
  • The phrase is used in the popular Netflix series "Stranger Things" when Joyce Byers asks Chief Hopper to " check on me" after a bizarre incident.
  • In the song "Check on Me" by Future featuring DJ Esco, the phrase " check on me" is used repeatedly in the chorus.
  • In the TV series "Grey's Anatomy," Dr. Miranda Bailey often says, "Someone should check on me" in stressful situations.
  • In the movie "Titanic," Rose asks Jack to " check on me" after she boards the lifeboat.
  • In his song "Do Not Disturb," Pop artist Drake uses the phrase "Just check on me sometimes."

Other Ways to Say "Check on Me" in Sentences

Here are ten different ways to express the idiom "check on me" in various contexts:

  • "Could you keep an eye on me while I try this new recipe?"
  • Monitor my progress and let me know if I'm doing it right."
  • "She asked her mother to look in on her every so often."
  • "He asked his friend to keep tabs on him during the party."
  • "Could you keep a check on me while I finish this assignment?"
  • "The doctor asked the nurse to watch over me closely."
  • "My boss keeps track of me to ensure I complete my tasks on time."
  • "She requested her friends to keep a watch on her during the trip."
  • "I asked my roommate to keep an eye out for me while I was cooking."
  • "The teacher decided to observe me closely during the exam."

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Check on Me"

  • What does "check on me" mean?

"Check on me" is an idiom that means to monitor someone's wellbeing or progress, often out of concern or responsibility.

  • Where does the idiom "check on me" originate from?

The idiom originates from the verb "check," which has been used since the 14th century to mean "to examine or inspect."

  • Can "check on me" imply different things in different contexts?

Yes, depending on context, it can imply a need for attention, care, or follow-up, or it can suggest an act of verifying, examining, or reviewing.

  • What is a synonymous idiom for "check on me"?

"Keep an eye on me" is a synonymous idiom.

  • Can "Check on me" be used in a formal setting?

Yes, the phrase is versatile and can be used in both formal and informal settings.

  • Has "Check on Me" appeared in any popular songs?

Yes, for instance, it's in the songs "Check on It" by Beyoncé and "Check on Me" by Future featuring DJ Esco.

  • What does "Check up on Me" mean?

"Check up on me" is a variation of "check on me" often implying a more thorough or detailed check.

  • Can "check on me" be used in a negative context?

While typically used positively or neutrally, in certain contexts, such as someone feeling overly monitored, it might be seen as negative.

  • Does "Check on Me" have a direct translation in other languages?

While the exact phrase might not exist in some languages, its concept or sentiment can usually be translated.

  • Can "check on me" refer to both physical and emotional well-being?

Yes, it can refer to checking on someone's physical health, emotional status, or their progress on a task.

Final Thoughts About "Check on Me"

As a versatile idiom, "check on me" adds richness to the English language, symbolizing care, attention, and responsibility.

  • "Check on me" generally means to monitor someone's well-being or progress.
  • The phrase can be used in a variety of contexts, including asking for attention, requesting updates, or calling for help.
  • It's prevalent in both everyday conversation and pop culture, reinforcing its relevance and versatility.

Understanding the meaning and usage of "check on me" can aid in effective communication, whether in personal interactions, business conversations, or creative writing. Its flexible nature makes it a valuable idiom in the English language.

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