Sitting for the Exam: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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February 26, 2024

"Sitting for the exam" refers to the act of taking or participating in an examination. This phrase is commonly used in educational contexts and emphasizes the physical presence of a person in an examination setting. For example, a student might say, "I am sitting for the final exam next week," which means they are scheduled to take the final exam at a specified time and place.

In short:

  • It means participating in an examination.
  • It is used primarily in educational contexts.

What Does "Sitting for the Exam" Mean?

The phrase "sitting for the exam" means taking a test. It's a formal way of saying someone is present and completing an exam. This term is often used in academic settings for various tests, including standardized exams, finals, certification tests, etc. It can substitute for "taking an exam" but subtly focuses on being seated and present for the test.

More about the phrase's meaning:

  • It emphasizes the formal aspect of participating in an exam.
  • It is commonly used in contexts where formal examinations are a significant component, such as in education or professional certification.
  • This can refer to both written and practical exams.
  • The phrase highlights the commitment and preparedness of the individual for the exam.
  • It's often used to indicate a scheduled and planned participation in an examination.

Where Does "Sitting for the Exam" Come From?

The origin of the phrase "sitting for the exam" is tied to the traditional setup of examinations, where candidates are seated at desks or tables to complete their tests. The word 'sitting' in this context is used to describe the act of being seated for a duration, specifically for the purpose of taking an exam. This phrase has been in use for several decades, particularly in British English, and is a standard term in academic and professional testing environments.

10 Examples of "Sitting for the Exam" in Sentences

Here are ten examples to illustrate the use of "sitting for the exam":

  • She spent months preparing for sitting for the bar exam.
  • Bracing myself for the challenge, I am sitting for the exam next week to prove my capabilities.
  • He missed sitting for the exam due to illness and had to schedule a makeup test.
  • After sitting for the exam, she felt confident about her performance.
  • The room was silent, with all candidates sitting for the exam.
  • To land a job in my dream company, sitting for the exam is the crucial first step I need to take.
  • The university has strict rules for students sitting for exams.
  • He was nervous about sitting for the exam next Saturday.
  • As of now, sitting for the exam is my top priority, overshadowing all other commitments.
  • The commission announced the dates for sitting for the civil service exams.

Examples of "Sitting for the Exam" in Pop Culture

While this phrase is more common in academic and formal settings, it also appears in pop culture, often related to storylines involving educational challenges.

Pop culture examples:

  • "Real Estate License Exams for Dummies - 5th Edition" by John A. Yoegel helps readers prepare for real estate license exams with state-specific law research tips aimed at anyone sitting for the exam across the U.S.
  • "Darrow-Kleinhaus's Acing the Bar Exam, 2d" covers all aspects of bar exam preparation, from pre-planning to review and sitting for the actual exam, tailored for the Uniform Bar Exam.
  • A Reddit post discussed the CFA exam with users sharing their experiences and tips for those considering sitting for the exam again, highlighting the community's support for exam takers.
  • "The fan has picked up the line where Sivakarthikeyan says that he will pass without sitting for the exam" from a movie discussion in Times of India showcases a humorous take on exam outcomes in a cinematic context.
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Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say "Sitting for the Exam"

Other phrases with similar meanings:

  • Taking the exam
  • Appearing for the exam
  • Participating in the exam
  • Undergoing the exam
  • Writing the exam (in some regions)
  • Engaged in the exam
  • Attending the exam
  • Completing the exam
  • Being examined
  • Enrolled for the exam

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Sitting for the Exam":

  • What does "sitting for the exam" mean?

"Sitting for the exam" refers to the act of taking or participating in an examination, usually in a formal academic or professional setting.

  • Is "sitting for the exam" a formal expression?

Yes, it is a formal expression commonly used in academic and professional contexts.

  • Can this phrase be used for online exams?

Yes, it can be used for online exams as well, as it signifies the act of taking an exam regardless of the physical location.

  • Is "sitting for the exam" used worldwide?

While commonly used, its prevalence can vary by region, with some areas preferring other terms like "taking the exam."

  • Does "sitting for the exam" only apply to written tests?

No, it can apply to both written and practical exams.

  • Can this phrase be used in informal contexts?

While more formal, it can still be used informally to describe the action of taking an exam.

  • Does the phrase imply a certain level of preparation?

It implies that the person is prepared to take the exam, as it's a scheduled and planned event.

  • Is "sitting for the exam" specific to any particular field of study?

No, it's a general phrase applicable to

any field where exams are a component of assessment.

  • Can this phrase be used retrospectively?

Yes, one can say they "sat for the exam" in a past context.

  • Does "sitting for the exam" carry any connotation about the exam's difficulty?

No, it doesn't imply anything about the difficulty of the exam, just the act of taking it.

Final Thoughts About "Sitting for the Exam"

The phrase "sitting for the exam" is a formal and commonly used expression in education and professional certification. It's a versatile phrase that accurately conveys the action of participating in an exam, regardless of the subject matter or the exam format.

To recap:

  • It's a formal way to describe taking an exam.
  • It applies to various types of examinations.
  • It is used globally, though the phrase's popularity can vary regionally.
  • It helps emphasize being physically or virtually present for an exam.

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