Looks Good: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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May 16, 2023

"Looks good" denotes that something appears satisfactory, acceptable, or pleasing after analysis or consideration. It's often used to express approval or indicate that expectations have been met.

In short:

"Looks good" signifies that something seems attractive or satisfactory, usually regarding aesthetics or quality.

What Does "Looks Good" Mean?

The phrase "looks good" is employed to communicate that something appears visually appealing or satisfactory. This expression is commonly used when assessing aesthetics, evaluating the quality of work, or confirming the completion of a task.

  • Indicates visual appeal or satisfaction
  • Associated with judgments on appearance, work performance, or project completion

Depending on the context, the phrase could range from a casual compliment to a formal approval.

Where Does "Looks Good" Come From?

It first emerged in the English language during the 18th century and has been used extensively ever since. The term is commonly used to express approval or admiration for something, but its meaning has evolved over time. Interestingly, the phrase was originally used to describe physical appearance, specifically the attractiveness of a person's facial features.  As an idiom, its figurative sense developed to represent finding something acceptable or satisfactory upon consideration or examination.

Historical Example

"The Morning Telegraph, from which the above framed platform is taken, says 'All looks good except the plank relating to swearing.'"

- The Reformatory Press, 1909

10 Examples of "Looks Good" in Sentences

Here are some examples of using the idiom in sentences:

  • The project proposal looks good, and we are ready to present it to the client.
  • You may be feeling blue, but that outfit sure looks good on you.
  • The data looks good; we can move forward with the next phase of the research.
  • Given the thematic consistency of the decor and the attention to detail, I must say everything looks good at this event.
  • She's a talented designer; everything she creates looks good.
  • That new restaurant looks good; let's try it this weekend.
  • The test results look good; we're on the right track with our studies.
  • The doctor reviewed the test results and said, "All your numbers look good. You're in the pink of health!"
  • The weather looks good for our picnic tomorrow.
  • There's no rest for the weary, but hard work looks good on you.

Examples of "Looks Good" in Pop Culture

The phrase "looks good" is commonly found in pop culture, usually in contexts related to fashion, art, design, or food.

Some examples include:

  • "Future Looks Good" is a song by the American pop-rock band One Republic.
  • "Sure Looks Good" is a romantic/drama film by director Lionel Anthony Cook.
  • "Success Looks Good on Me" is a self-help book by Raecine Tyes.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Looks Good"

There are several alternative expressions that convey a similar meaning to "looks good."

Some of these include:

  • Appears attractive
  • Seems fine
  • Looks appealing
  • Appears satisfactory
  • Looks impressive
  • Acceptable
  • Suitable
  • Okay
  • Adequate
  • Up to standard

These alternatives can be used interchangeably, depending on the context and the level of satisfaction or attractiveness involved.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Looks Good"

  • Is "looks good" a formal expression?

"Looks good" is considered neutral and can be used in both formal and informal contexts, depending on the subject matter being discussed.

  • Can people use the idiom sarcastically?

Yes, like many expressions, "looks good" can be used sarcastically to suggest that something is not satisfactory or appealing.

  • Is the phrase appropriate for professional settings?

Yes, "looks good" is suitable for professional settings, especially when providing feedback or approval.

  • Can people use the phrase in written communication?

Yes, "looks good" can be used in both informal and formal written communication, including emails, reports, and text messages.

  • Is it okay to use the phrase when responding to a suggestion or invitation?

Yes, "looks good" is a common casual way to convey that you find a suggestion, idea or invitation agreeable or are willing to accept it. For example, "Dinner on Friday looks good. What time shall we meet?" Or "Taking the afternoon off for a bike ride looks good. The weather's going to be perfect."

  • Can strangers use the phrase "looks good"?

Yes, the phrase is not context-specific and can be used by anyone to express approval or satisfaction with something's appearance or quality.

  • Is it okay to use the phrase when talking about a group of people?

Yes, it can be used when discussing a group's actions or decisions, such as "the team's presentation looks good."

  • Is it okay to use the phrase to express understanding?

While it's not typically used to express understanding, "looks good" can convey agreement or confirmation, such as "this plan looks good to me."

  • What's the difference between "looks good" and "sounds good"?

"Looks good" is used when something appears visually appealing or satisfactory, while "sounds good" is used to express agreement or acceptance of an idea or plan.

  • Can one use the phrase in a scientific context?

Yes, "looks good" can be used in scientific contexts, particularly when discussing the visual appearance of data or experimental results.

Final Thoughts About "Looks Good"

To summarize, the idiom "looks good" is a versatile expression used to convey approval or satisfaction with the appearance or quality of something. This neutral phrase can be applied across various settings and subjects, ranging from casual compliments to formal evaluations.

Key aspects of the phrase:

  • Indicates visual appeal or satisfaction
  • Used to express approval or agreement
  • The neutral tone suitable for both formal and informal settings

While the phrase is simple and widely recognized, it's important to remember that its usage implies a positive assessment of appearance or quality. Therefore, you should use it most appropriately when conveying approval, satisfaction, or a positive reaction. Whether complimenting an outfit, approving a presentation, or praising a meal - "looks good" is your go-to phrase for all of these.

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