Skeezer: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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June 10, 2023

The idiom "skeezer" often refers to a woman who is deemed as unpleasant or promiscuous in a derogatory sense. However, its usage and understanding can vary depending on the context and cultural factors.

In short:

"Skeezer" is a derogatory term typically used to describe a woman who is seen as distasteful or promiscuous.

What Does "Skeezer" Mean?

The term is generally used in a negative context, suggesting a judgemental perception of a woman's behavior, appearance, or character. People may use it to call out perceived promiscuity, lack of refinement, or undesirable behavior.

Let's explore its core meanings:

  • It primarily refers to a woman seen as promiscuous or lacking in moral standards.
  • It can also denote a woman who is seen as unpleasant or disagreeable in character.
  • While it is often used informally, it carries a strong negative connotation and is considered offensive.

Where Does "Skeezer" Come From?

The origin of the term "skeezer" is not clearly defined, but it likely developed in American slang during the late 20th century. The term is common in urban contexts and is often associated with hip-hop culture.

Historical Example

"And to the boys, our own private skeezer. "

- Lyrics from the song "Freaky Behavior" by 2 Live Crew, 1991

10 Examples of "Skeezer" in Sentences

Here are some examples of using the idiom in sentences:

  • Here's a pro tip: avoid calling every woman you hate a skeezer if you want them to take you seriously.
  • She was offended and went home when someone called her a skeezer at the bar.
  • They dismissed her as just another skeezer, but she had a lot more depth than they assumed.
  • As a rapper, he often used the term skeezer in his lyrics to represent women he perceived as undesirable.
  • In the 80s hip-hop culture, the term skeezer was frequently used to denote a promiscuous woman.
  • Mandy says you can often spot a skeezer when you surf the net, as they tend to overshare on social media.
  • Skeezer is a derogatory term, and using it can often lead to negative consequences.
  • He quickly learned that referring to women as skeezers were both offensive and disrespectful.
  • His lame joke about a skeezer caused a backlash among fans and critics alike.
  • The snow bunny at the ski lodge turned out to be a skeezer.

Examples of "Skeezer" in Pop Culture

The term "skeezer" appears in various forms of pop culture, often within the realm of music and film, and typically carries a negative connotation.

Let's examine some examples:

  • In the movie Gone Baby Gone (2007), Bubba Ragowski tells Angie Gennaro, "There's reasons why there ain't three inches of plexiglass between us right now. That's because I don't f*ck with skeezers like Helene."
  • "As a black woman, you may be particularly sensitive to the skeezer image and not know why. This might have something to do with its affinity to another age-old stereotype, the black female as Jezebel..." is a quote from the 2010 book Bulletproof Diva by Lisa Jones.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Skeezer"

There are other derogatory expressions that convey a similar meaning to "skeezer."

Here are some of them:

  • Loose woman
  • Floozy
  • Tart
  • Jezebel
  • Vamp

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Skeezer":

  • What does "skeezer" mean?

"Skeezer" is a derogatory term typically used to describe a woman who is seen as distasteful or promiscuous.

  • How can I use "skeezer" in a sentence?

Because of its derogatory nature, it's recommended not to use the term "skeezer" in polite conversation or in a way that can offend others.

  • Where does the idiom "skeezer" come from?

The term "skeezer" likely developed in American slang during the late 20th century, and is often associated with urban and hip-hop culture.

  • Is "skeezer" a formal term?

No, "skeezer" is an informal term and is generally considered offensive.

  • Does "skeezer" only refer to women?

Yes, the term "skeezer" is typically used to refer to women, though it should be avoided due to its offensive nature.

  • Is "skeezer" a positive or negative term?

"Skeezer" carries a strong negative connotation and is considered derogatory.

  • Can "skeezer" refer to any woman?

While the term could technically be used to refer to any woman, it's generally used in a derogatory sense and is considered disrespectful.

  • Is it appropriate to use the term in professional or academic writing?

No, due to its offensive nature, "skeezer" is not suitable for professional or academic writing.

  • Is "skeezer" used globally or is it specific to certain regions?

The term "skeezer" is primarily used in the United States, particularly within urban and hip-hop cultures.

  • Can you use it in a non-offensive way?

Generally, no. "Skeezer" is a derogatory term and is typically seen as offensive regardless of the context.

Final Thoughts About "Skeezer"

The term "skeezer" is a derogatory idiom that describes a woman in a negative and disrespectful manner. It's an informal term primarily associated with urban and hip-hop culture in the United States.

Here's a quick recap:

  • The term often depicts a woman in a negative light, particularly referring to promiscuity.
  • The term originates from American slang, likely from the late 20th century.
  • Due to its derogatory nature, one should avoid using the term in conversation or in any written form.

The term "skeezer" is an example of language being used to stereotype and demean women. As we engage in conversation, it's important to use language that respects and acknowledges the dignity of all individuals.

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