Diggity: Definition, Meaning and Origin

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May 25, 2023

The slang term "diggity" is used as a suffix or a modifier to create a new phrase or word, amplifying the meaning of the original term. An example of its usage is "bomb-diggity," which translates to something being awesome or "the bomb."

In short:

"Diggity" enhances the meaning of a preceding term, often to express something is outstanding or excellent.

What Does "Diggity" Mean?

The idiom "diggity" serves to intensify the meaning of the word it accompanies. When attached to another term, it conveys an elevated level of quality, excitement, or coolness, essentially stating that something is extraordinary or excellent.

Key aspects of the idiom's meaning include:

  • Amplifies the intensity of the preceding term
  • Associated with positive remarks and comments
  • Indicates a high level of quality, coolness, or excitement

Where Does "Diggity" Come From?

"Diggity" is a term that originated in American English, primarily used in colloquial and slang contexts. Its popularity was significantly boosted by the 1996 song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet, leading to its widespread use and integration into popular vocabulary.

Historical Example

I like the way you work kid
(no diggity)
I got to back it up

- No Diggity, Blackstreet, 1996

10 Examples of "Diggity" Phrases in Sentences

Here are some examples of using the idiom in sentences.

  • Great minds think alike, and that's why we're the bomb diggity team!
  • He pushed himself to try the new extreme sport, whispering, "No guts, no glory, no diggity,"
  • Her performance on the stage was "bomb diggity"; she completely stole the show.
  • "No diggity, this is the best movie I've seen in a long time!" she said, exiting the theater.
  • After seeing his friend's new style, he laughed, "You're a smoke show, no diggity!"
  • The coach said, "No diggity, this is the best team I've ever trained," after their championship win.
  • If you don't keep up the payments, it might get repoed, and then who'll be the bomb diggity?
  • "Thanks for the invite! This is going to be hot diggity dog fun," she responded enthusiastically.
  • They exclaimed in unison, "Bomb Diggity!" after they tried the new virtual reality game.
  • "Hot diggity, this burger is amazing!" he said after his first bite at the new restaurant in town.

Examples of "Diggity" in Pop Culture

The influence of "diggity" extends across popular culture, often to express approval or admiration.

Some notable examples include:

  • The 1996 song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet popularized the term.
  • The phrase "bomb-diggity" has been used in numerous TV shows and films to express that something is exceptionally good or exciting.
  • "Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog" is a humorous fiction written by Adrienne Sylver.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Diggity"

Diggity does not mean anything when used on its own, so it has no direct synonyms.

Some slang words associated with diggity include:

  • bomb diggity (awesome)
  • no diggity (no doubt)
  • hot diggity dog (expression of joy or surprise)

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Diggity"

  • What does "diggity" mean?

"Diggity" serves as a modifier to enhance the meaning of a preceding term, typically indicating that something is excellent or outstanding.

  • How can I use "diggity" in a sentence?

The term "diggity" can be used in a sentence like this: "The latest model of that car is the speed-diggity."

  • Where does the idiom "diggity" come from?

"Diggity" originated from American English slang and was popularized by the 1996 song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet.

  • Is the phrase "diggity" used worldwide?

While "diggity" is primarily used in American English, the influence of pop culture and the internet has led to its usage in various English-speaking contexts worldwide.

  • Can you use it in a negative context?

No, "diggity" is generally used to express positive sentiments, indicating that something is outstanding or excellent.

  • Are there any famous quotes or songs that use the phrase "diggity"?

Yes, the term "diggity" was famously used in the 1996 hit song "No Diggity" by Blackstreet.

  • Is the idiom "diggity" still relevant today?

Yes, the term "diggity" is still used today in casual and informal language to express that something is excellent or outstanding.

  • Is it okay to use the phrase in a professional setting?

As "diggity" is largely colloquial and informal, it is generally not used in formal or professional settings.

  • Does "diggity" apply only to certain contexts?

"Diggity" can be used in a variety of contexts, as long as it's used to amplify the positive qualities of the preceding term.

  • Can one use the term to describe a person?

It is best to avoid using "diggity" to describe individuals, especially those outside of your social circle, as it could be seen as disrespectful or demeaning.

Final Thoughts About "Diggity"

The term "diggity" serves as a playful linguistic modifier that amplifies the positive qualities of a word or phrase. Its usage, popularized by 90s pop culture, adds an enthusiastic note to express that something is excellent or outstanding.

Key aspects of the term:

  • Used to emphasize the greatness or excellence of something
  • Typically found in informal and casual speech
  • Commonly associated with American English, but its use has spread globally

Remember that the use of "diggity" can add a playful and vibrant touch to your conversations. It's a casual way of expressing enthusiasm or approval. However, as it is generally considered informal, it might not be suitable for every context, particularly formal or professional settings.

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