Deemed It Necessary: Definition, Meaning, And Origin

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June 23, 2023

"Deemed it necessary” means someone has decided something is necessary. It is often used when someone has made a decision based on their opinion or judgment.

In short:

"Deemed it necessary" indicates that someone judged an action or decision to be essential or required based on the circumstances.

What Does "Deemed It Necessary" Mean?

When someone says they "deemed it necessary" to do something, they highlight their decision's importance and imply that it was not taken lightly. This idiom is often used to justify actions or decisions, particularly when there may be some doubt or questioning from others.

Let's explore its core meanings and usage:

  • It often signifies a sense of obligation or duty to take certain actions in response to a situation or set of circumstances.
  • It reflects the exercise of judgment, discretion, or authority in making decisions.
  • While it's applicable in both formal and informal contexts, it is particularly common in official communications, legal settings, or discussions involving decision-making processes.

Where Does "Deemed It Necessary" Come From?

The phrase "deemed it necessary" is composed of standard English words and does not have a specific point of origin like certain proverbs or idioms. The word "deem" is derived from Old English and means to judge or consider. The phrase likely evolved naturally over time as a formal way to express the judgment that a particular action is necessary.

Historical Example

"In the course of the afternoon, I deemed it necessary to repair to the prison, when I found that the assemblage of people had greatly diminished, and was every moment decreasing."

- Niles' National Register, 1812

10 Examples of "Deemed It Necessary" in Sentences

Here are some examples of the idiom in use:

  • The council deemed it necessary to implement new safety measures after the accident.
  • Thanks for the information about the system glitch; we deemed it necessary to contact the IT department immediately.
  • As per my last email, the management deemed it necessary to revise the work schedule.
  • Parents deemed it necessary to have a discussion with their children about internet safety.
  • Keeping an eye on the recent trends, the marketing team deemed it necessary to adjust our campaign strategy.
  • We deemed it necessary for the project's success; your timely cooperation is much appreciated.
  • The committee deemed it necessary to revise the guidelines to ensure clarity and fairness.
  • In historical contexts, leaders have often deemed it necessary to take radical steps during times of crisis.
  • Welcome back to the office; we've deemed it necessary to implement new safety measures due to the pandemic.
  • Critics may disagree, but the director deemed it necessary to include certain controversial scenes in the movie.

Examples of "Deemed It Necessary" in Pop Culture

The phrase "deemed it necessary" does not typically appear in pop culture due to its formal nature. However, it is often used in political speeches, courtroom dramas, and news reports.

Let's see some examples:

  • "And I fail to see why you deem it necessary to call her 'the female' when she has a name. Rane!"—Boyd Viotto, Cataclysm (2021)
  • "This is an emergency communique. It is not to be discussed with fellow officers unless deemed absolutely necessary. There will be no computer record of said transmission. "—Computer Voice, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994)
  • "I felt the pressure of our current activities and deemed it necessary for me to move my operating quarters from the city to an uninhabited solar system. "—Almost Mine by Clifford Ward.

Other/Different Ways to Say "Deemed It Necessary"

There are numerous alternative expressions that convey a similar meaning to "deemed it necessary."

Here are some of them:

  • Considered it essential
  • Thought it crucial
  • Judged required
  • Believed it to be important
  • Regarded it as necessary

10 Frequently Asked Questions About "Deemed It Necessary":

  • What does "deemed it necessary" mean?

"Deemed it necessary" implies that someone has made a judgment that a particular action or decision is crucial or required in a specific situation.

  • How can I use "deemed it necessary" in a sentence?

You can use "deemed it necessary" to express a judgment or decision about the necessity of a specific action. For example, "Given the rising number of cases, the health department deemed it necessary to impose stricter guidelines."

  • Where does the idiom "deemed it necessary" come from?

"Deemed it necessary" is a phrase composed of standard English words rather than an idiom with a specific origin. It has evolved naturally over time in the English language.

  • Is "deemed it necessary" a formal phrase?

Yes, "deemed it necessary" is often used in formal or official contexts, such as legal documents, governmental statements, or corporate communications.

  • Can "deemed it necessary" be used in casual conversation?

While it's not commonly used in casual conversation due to its formal tone, it can still be used in everyday speech to emphasize a decision or judgment.

  • Does "deemed it necessary" imply authority or power?

Yes, "deemed it necessary" often reflects the exercise of authority, discretion, or judgment in making decisions or taking actions.

  • Is "deemed it necessary" only used in negative situations?

No, "deemed it necessary" can be used in any situation where a judgment about the necessity of an action or decision is made, regardless of whether the situation is positive, neutral, or negative.

  • Can "deemed it necessary" be used to explain future actions?

Yes, "deemed it necessary" can be used to justify or explain actions that will be taken in the future based on a current assessment or judgment.

  • Does "deemed it necessary" suggest a level of reluctance?

Not necessarily. While it may sometimes be used to justify an action that might not be desired but is seen as necessary, it doesn't inherently carry a connotation of reluctance.

  • Is "deemed it necessary" a universal concept?

While the phrase is English, the concept it conveys - making a judgment about the necessity of a decision or action - is a universal human experience and can be found across different cultures and languages.

Final Thoughts About "Deemed It Necessary"

The idiom "deemed it necessary" mean that someone thought something was really important or needed. They made a choice because they felt it had to be done in that situation.

Here's a quick recap:

  • The words "deemed it necessary" mean someone decided if something was needed or important.
  • It shows they used their power, choice, or thinking to make that decision.
  • You can use this phrase in many situations, whether good, bad, or in between.

Whether in professional settings or personal decision-making, "deemed it necessary" provides a succinct way to convey a measured, thoughtful judgment.

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