Bagged Somebody: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

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October 28, 2023

The idiom "bagged somebody" carries various meanings, from obtaining something to experiencing intoxication. It's a phrase rich in history and diverse in its applications, reflecting different facets of life and human experiences.

In short:

"Bagged somebody" refers to preferences, obtaining something, making an arrest, experiencing death, or intoxication.

What Does “Bagged Somebody” Mean?

The idiom "bagged somebody" holds multiple meanings, each context offering a different perspective. It's a phrase that can be used in various situations, reflecting the richness and versatility of language.

  • Preference or Desire: It can refer to something one particularly prefers, desires, enjoys, or cares about, often used in negative constructions.
  • Obtaining Something: It can mean to get or obtain something, indicating success in acquisition.
  • Making an Arrest: It can refer to arresting someone, used in the context of law enforcement.
  • Experiencing Death: It can mean to die, used to express the end of life.
  • Becoming Intoxicated: It can refer to becoming alcohol intoxicated, used to describe excessive drinking leading to inebriation.

Where Does “Bagged Somebody” Come From?

The exact origins of "bagged somebody" remain unclear, but the idiom's various meanings hint at a rich and diverse historical background. Since the Middle Ages, people have used the term "bag" in English to denote capturing or securing something. This usage could relate to the idiom's meaning of obtaining something or arresting someone.

Historical Example

"In 1917 two flower clusters on the variety Eden were bagegd and dusted with fresh Aestivalis pollen. No fruit developed in these bags."

- Technical Bulletin, Issues 8-18, 1911

10 Examples of “Bagged Somebody” in Sentences

Below are sentences demonstrating the various uses of "bagged somebody":

  • Even with the weather against him, John bagged somebody to help with the farm work.
  • She bagged somebody at the auction, acquiring a rare piece of art.
  • The detective bagged somebody after a lengthy investigation.
  • He bagged somebody when he least expected it, passing away peacefully in his sleep.
  • They bagged somebody at the party, drinking more than they could handle.
  • Not for nothing, but it seems like she bagged somebody with that new job offer.
  • He bagged somebody when he secured the last concert ticket.
  • She bagged somebody when she was caught stealing.
  • He bagged somebody after the accident, leaving everyone in sorrow.
  • They bagged somebody at the bar, celebrating until dawn.

Examples of “Bagged Somebody” in Pop Culture

Crime shows, and movies often use it where characters get arrested, reflecting the "to arrest someone" meaning.

Below are some examples of the phrase "bagged somebody" in pop culture:

  • "Thrilled to Have 'Bagged a Bargain' or 'Bitter' and 'Very Frustrating'?" is a research project that explores consumer attitudes toward value and deals in tourism.
    "Belly" is a 1998 crime drama film that features the line: "Thursday, I got bagged."
  • "The Bagged Median and the Bragged Mean" is an article that illustrates the effects of bagging on point estimation using averages and medians.
  • Yvng1haze and LuxxRico collaborate on a 2023 song titled "Bagged."

It's important to note that people often use the phrase "bagged somebody" in an objectifying and dehumanizing way. It is important to be mindful of the way that we use language to talk about relationships.

Synonyms: Other/Different Ways to Say “Bagged Somebody"

Various expressions can replace "bagged somebody" based on its different meanings:

  • Caught someone
  • Obtained something
  • Arrested someone
  • Passed away
  • Got drunk

10 Frequently Asked Questions About “Bagged Somebody”:

  • What does "bagged somebody" mean?

It refers to preferences, obtaining something, making an arrest, experiencing death, or intoxication.

  • Where did the idiom originate?

The exact origins are unknown, but it's related to the term "bag," used since the Middle Ages.

  • Do people use the idiom in pop culture?

It's occasionally used, especially in crime-related contexts in movies and shows.

  • Can the idiom refer to death?

Yes, one of its meanings refers to someone dying.

  • Do people use "bagged somebody" in negative contexts?

It can be, especially when referring to death or arrest.

  • Can it refer to a positive achievement?

Yes, it can mean obtaining something desired.

  • Does it have a modern usage?

Yes, it's used in modern language, especially in informal contexts.

  • Can it refer to intoxication?

Yes, it can mean becoming alcohol intoxicated.

  • Do people use it globally?

Its usage is primarily in English-speaking countries.

  • Are there synonyms for the idiom?

Yes, synonyms include terms like caught, obtained, arrested, passed away, and got drunk.

Final Thoughts About “Bagged Somebody”

The idiom "bagged somebody" is a multifaceted phrase with diverse meanings, each reflecting different aspects of life and human experiences. It encompasses preferences, acquisition, arrest, death, and intoxication. Its varied meanings offer a rich linguistic exploration, enhancing communication and expression.

  • "Bagged somebody" can signify a range of actions, from apprehending a suspect in a criminal case to winning someone over in a romantic or professional setting.
  • The phrase is versatile and can be used in contexts like law enforcement, business, or interpersonal relationships.
  • For example, a recruiter might say they "bagged a top candidate" for a job opening, or a detective might say they "bagged the suspect" in a criminal investigation.
  • Utilizing the term "bagged somebody" often conveys a sense of accomplishment and success, emphasizing one's skill or effectiveness in achieving a particular goal.

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