Prestige or Pretense

The below ranking show the top Universities and Colleges across the US that candidates would choose to fabricate about having attended on their resumes.

Ranking University/College
11 Yale University
12 University of Chicago
13 Princeton University
14 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
15 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
16 Columbia University
17 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
18 University of Florida
19 Williams College
20 Wellesley College
21 Johns Hopkins University
22 Swarthmore College
23 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
24 Northwestern University
25 Brown University
26 University of Texas, Austin
27 Middlebury College
28 Vanderbilt University
29 Carleton College
30 Dartmouth College
31 University of Wisconsin-Madison
32 Cornell University
33 Pomona College
34 Bowdoin College

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